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The Official Excuse Being Given For The Oscars Best Picture Debacle
The biggest award of the evening, and Warren Beatty was given the wrong card. How? Well, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the audit and assurance firm tasked with handling the nominees on Oscars night made a mistake. This is their official statement, issued in the wee hours of Oscars night.
A Surprising Connection Between Logan And X-Men: Apocalypse Has Been Revealed
The following contains light spoilers for Logan. It doesn't give much away, but you might want to avoid reading them, so we have included this warning.
The Logan Soundtrack Has Revealed A Major Spoiler, So Beware
It's getting harder and harder for those who haven't seen the movie to avoid spoilers on the film. One such major spoiler broke. We have it inside. If you want to know, read on. If you don't, then leave. You have been warned!
When Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Expects To Start Filming
As Logan nears theaters, X-Men fans may be wondering what's going on with the announced but delayed Gambit movie. Well, it sounds like it has a time frame in mind.
The Batman Solo Movie Has A Director Once Again, And It’s A Very Familiar Face
Stop me if you've heard this before. DC's planned solo Batman movie is back on. With a director. And Ben Affleck in the lead. And it's a name you have heard before.
Netflix May Release Martin Scorsese's Next Gangster Movie, Which Seems Like A Game Changer
Martin Scorsese, coming off of the contemplative and deeply personal Silence, has been looking tor return to the criminal underground of such films a Goodfellas and Casino, and has circled an adaptation of Charles Brandt's book I Heard You Paint Houses as his portal back into that world.
Jordan Peele Has Us Rolling With The GIFs He’s Using To Promote Get Out
Because the upcoming Get Out is written and directed by Jordan Peele -- he of Key & Peele -- you might expect the movie to be funny. It's not. It's a full-blown horror movie, and one that's pretty damn effective.
Upcoming Star Wars Movies: List Of Titles And Release Dates
You've just seen The Force Awakens. You are dying to see the NEXT Star Wars movie. How long do you have to wait? We've got you covered
The Fate Of The Furious' Rumored Runtime Is Even Longer Than Expected
We've already seen 2 Fast, 2 Furious. Is there such a thing, though, as too much Fast & Furious?
Want Free Tickets To See Jordan Peele’s Get Out, Courtesy Of CinemaBlend?
CinemaBlend and Universal have teamed up for a series of exclusive screenings of Jordan Peele's Get Out, which will be held on Monday and Wednesday, February 20 and 22, in 80 different cities around the U.S. and Canada.
Logan Review
When it comes to Hugh Jackman's unprecedented run as Wolverine, they saved the best for last.
How Mission: Impossible 6 Will Be Different From The Previous Movies
Mission: Impossible 6 stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson (from Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation) and is rumored to feature Jeremy Renner. We expect familiar faces like Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames and Alec Baldwin to tag along, as well.
A Fifty Shades Of Grey Fan Left A Cucumber Behind At Their Screening, See The Evidence
Down Under, however, we're really hoping that one person watched the sequel by themselves in a Sydney, Australia movie theater, because the employees cleaning up after a screening found a cucumber.
Frank Grillo’s The Raid Reimagining Is Back On With A New Director
Gareth Evans' The Raid has earned its reputation as one of the most badass and bone-crunching action films of the past decade. It's sequel doubled down on the insane fight sequences (and suffered from some bloody bloat), but the purity of that first film created a blue print that had action junkies salivating.
Why The Current Movie Theater Model May Not Last Much Longer
This is the latest in a string of toe-dips into the water of pushback on behalf of the studios against the current system. The average theater-to-DVD window is four months, after hovering around six months for years.
Why Netflix Changed Its Rules To Help Ava DuVernay’s 13th
To help continue educating young minds on the content of 13th, Netflix is granting the film permission to hold educational screenings so that groups can continue to spread the film's message. Here's why.
See Hulk Battling Thor In Incredible New Ragnarok Concept Art
Between those three movie, several major Marvel heroes are going to be getting screen time, and we're now getting a great look at how Hulk and Thor will look in the third Thor movie.
The Batman Movie May Have Found Its Director, And He’s Perfect
We're now learning that Warner Bros. has offered the recently-departed directors chair for its solo Batman movie to an outstanding filmmaker.
The Oscars Just Made A Huge Mistake With La La Land
When the Oscar nominations were announced a few weeks back, the ones that truly piqued my interests were the two songs singled out in the Best Song category: "Audition," performed by Emma Stone; and "City of Stars," performed by Stone and Ryan Gosling.
The One Question That Plagued Chris Pratt Before Guardians Of The Galaxy Opened
James Gunn was rolling out a non-Avengers team that included a lethal tree and a mean-spirited, short-tempered raccoon. Would people care?
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