Oliver Stone just can’t stay away from Vietnam. Variety reports that he’s headed there to shoot a Vietnam War era movie Pinkville, which stars Channing Tatum and some guy named Bruce Willis. Did you hear that teenagers recently picks Zac Efron as the hottest male actor working in Hollywood today? That’s what Channing Tatum gets for trying to, you know, act in real movies instead of cranking out more dance films with Jenna Dewan or worming his way into one of those awful High School Musical sequels.

Hopefully Tatum actually can act, because his mad dance moves won’t be of much use in Pinkville. However, his ability to look sexy in a tank-top may indeed serve some purpose. It’s Vietnam after all. Anyone else shocked that Oliver Stone even knows who Channing Tatum is, let alone wants to cast him in his movie? Weird.

In case you were wondering, Pinkville is a drama about the investigation of the 1968 Lau massacre. During it, US soldiers killed as many as 500 defenseless villagers, most of whom were women and children. I’m sure Stone will find a conspiracy in there somewhere. Bruce Willis plays William R. Peers, the army general who supervised the investigation. Tatum will be a helicopter pilot who witness the massacre and tried to stop it by landing his helicopter between the attacking soldiers and their victims, ordering two of his crew to fire on any soldier who shot more people.

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