After PlayDead struck gold with Limbo a lot of other developers have been trying their hand at offbeat puzzle-platform games, one of which includes the latest title from Beautifun Games called Nihilumbra.

The title sees players assuming the role of a ghastly, black creature who is trying to escape a void by using a variety of dark magic to solve various side-scrolling oriented puzzles. There are also plenty of death-inducing creatures to face off against a lot of mind-bending obstacles to overcome. The game has a unique look to it that works well for what it aims to achieve and if you have an iOS compatible device you can check it out by picking up a copy right now from the App Store.

I like that a lot of developers who aren't mainstream are trying new things in various genres. I'd still like to see some more off-beat FPS and TPS titles. Heck, more off-center RPGs wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Nevertheless, gamers who enjoy using their wits while out-running a purple, death-encompassing void will probably get a kick out of Nihilumbra. You can check the game out right now by heading to the App Store or by visiting the Official Beautifun Games Website.




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