Nvidia's dual-core Tegra-powered super-phones and tablets have received a big boost in potential market value now that the Tegra Zone, an app store for the aforementioned mobile devices, is now open.

This new website is a companion site to the Tegra Zone app on the Android marketplace, giving mobile gamers a nice little alternative for high-powered, high-end games for their super-phones and tablets.

In addition to the Tegra Zone opening, a new game from the Swedish-based developer, Mediocre, has also been announced as a launch title for the new software application portal. The name of the game is called Sprinkle, and players will basically be in control of a fire-hose that must put out fires using physics-based water properties.

Mediocre commented in the news post, saying…
“With Project Kal-El around the corner, these are interesting times for mobile game developers – especially for those of us who are making physics-based games. We think Sprinkle is a good example of how to use complex physics simulation for gameplay and not just effects.”

The Tegra Zone also arrives just in time to help promote games Nvidia’s Project Kal-E, which is a quad-core mobile processor for next-generation super phones.

Sprinkle is currently available on the Tegra Zone and the Android market for $1.99. You can learn more about the game and the app portal by visiting the Official Tegra Zone Website.

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