Pre-Order Gears Of War: Judgment From Walmart, Get Gears Of War 2 Or 3 Free

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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You know what's better than one game? That's right, three games. And that's exactly what you'll be getting if you decide to pre-order Gears of War: Judgment from Walmart.

We've known for a while that all copies of Gears of War: Judgment will come with a free copy of the original Gears of War as well. For those who haven't jumped into the testosterone-infused shooter just yet, you might want to consider picking up your copy of Judgment from Walmart, as doing so will damn-near complete your series collection in a single transaction.

The folks over at Joystiq happened upon a pretty great Walmart ad that promises your choice of Gears of War 2 or Gears of War 3 with every pre-order of the new game.

So let's break down everything being offered for your $59.96 if you pick up Gears of War: Judgment from Walmart. For $59.96 you'll get a copy of the new game, a download code for a digital copy of the original Gears of War, your choice of either Gears of War 2 or Gears of War 3 as an added treat, and also a download code for an “exclusive Classic Hammerburst.” That's a hell of a lot of cover-based third-person shooting for 60 buchs.

Just remember that you have to pre-order the game to get those last two items on the list, and it has to be from Walmart. Keep in mind that Gears of War: Judgment ships on March 12, so that gives you a little under a month to make up your mind.
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