Relive Classic Nintendo Games With NEStalgic Medley

By Pete Haas 3 years ago discussion comments
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The original NES console's musical capabilities were limited. However, talented composers were able to thrive under the hardware's restrictions and create some memorable music. A new chiptune rock medley from the guitarist Psycho Crusher gives us a tour of that era's soundtrack.

"I made this medley quite a while ago, and it was meant to be only played live with a full band," the guitarist said on YouTube. "Since I was never going to record this with my other arrangements, I decided to make a little experiment. From 8-bit music, to rock, and from rock back to (pseudo) 8-bit music."

All the classics are featured here, including Castlevania, Metroid and Contra. Lesser-known titles from the era like Ice Climber and Marble Madness also make appearances. The video closes with the frenetic music of Tetris.

For more videogame-inspired arrangements, check out Psycho Crusher's YouTube channel. The selection of videos there includes a medley of classic arcade game music and a rock version of Mass Effect's map music.

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