4 Pitch Perfect Characters The Sequel Needs And 4 It Can Do Without

By Mack Rawden 2014-01-28 09:14:52discussion comments
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4 Pitch Perfect Characters The Sequel Needs And 4 It Can Do Without image
Hey, A-ca-ballers, pull out your rape whistles. Stop eating your twins, and throw on your Bumper-sponsored sports sandals. Weíve got some important news to talk about. Pitch Perfect is coming back in all its hysterical and catchy glory. There will be renditions of hit songs, hilarious dialogue and some of our favorite characters.

I say some because we donít really know who will actually be in the movie. Original screenwriter Kay Cannon, who is returning, hasnít completed a studio-approved draft of the script yet, and apart from Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks, who will direct, itís unclear if anyone else has even been contacted to gauge their interest levels at returning. Consequently, thereís an overwhelming likelihood that some of the more important faces from the first film will not be returning, but thatís actually a good thing.

You canít make the exact same movie over again, especially when it involves college students who are graduating and going on to different things. It works okay to make up an excuse for one or two graduates to come back, but to be true to life, you really need to inject new blood. That was part of the secret of Friday Night Lights. People grow up. They graduate. New spots open up. New conflicts arise, and for that to happen, some favorites have to go.

So, without further ado, here is a round up of the main characters and some words on whether or not Iíd like to see them come back.

Come Back: Beca Mitchell
Beca is the anchor of Pitch Perfect. Despite her hatred of movies and her angsty personality, her life outlook and clever comments are what propels the film forward. I would watch an a capella movie without her, but there would be no point in calling that film Pitch Perfect. Sheís the only character that is an absolute prerequisite for the new film. Sheís the only possible dealbreaker, at least as far as my excitement level.

Besides, thereís plenty more about Becaís life we can easily look into. Now that sheís 20% less angry, we could get some awkward failed bonding scenes with the step-monster. We could look into her taking some real shifts as a radio DJ on the campus, and (gasp) we could potentially see her on some dates with different types of dudes who might not pursue her as aggressively as Jesse did during Round 1.
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