Anchorman 2 Probably Headed Our Way

By Katey Rich 2008-05-05 08:42:20discussion comments
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Itís hard to think of a recent hit comedy that inspires as much debate as Anchorman. Given the quality of Will Ferrellís comedies since then, some are convinced that Anchorman wasnít nearly as good as we remember, and was actually just another piece of Ferrell crap on par with Semi-Pro. Others, like me, canít even think of the phrase ďI love lampĒ without bursting out into giggles.

Well, now let the debate start all over again, because Ferrell and Adam McKay are talking Anchorman 2. caught up with McKay, who directed Ferrell in this summerís Step Brothers, and he told the reporter that they 100% plan to make Anchorman 2-- eventually. ĒWill and I are like let's do Anchorman 2Ö so you're talking like 2 years maybe we'll do it. But we're going to do it, for sure.Ē

McKay admits that thereís more than a few potential obstacles, namely reuniting all the people who made it so great to begin with. ĒWe're dying to do it. Unless we can't get the cast together, which is always kind of a tricky thing. But, I think, with that cast we're all friends, so yeah, we want to do it.Ē The only real potential problem I can see is Steve Carell, who has become such a star in his own right since Anchorman that he might be unable, or unwilling, to revive the ultimate dolt Brick Tamland. But as McKay points out, there seems to be a real sense of camaraderie in this group of performers, and you can see all of them pitching back in to do their old director a favor.

The real concern from a fanís point of view is whether or not they can actually repeat the feat of making the movie good. Itís safe to say a lot of us are sick of Will Ferrellís buffoon act at this point, and would rather see him take on a new character. Can we put up with another hour and a half of Ron Burgundy? Do we want to? That might be a question McKay ought to answer for us before he puts this thing into production.
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