The Best Star Wars 7 Posters From Fans

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Fans donít yet know whatís going to happen in J.J. Abramsí Star Wars: Episode VII. But that hasnít stopped them from taking the bits and pieces of information theyíve gleaned from interviews and news stories to create some of the coolest fan-made Episode VII posters around. A few have very distinct visual references and cues. Is there a budding Drew Struzan waiting to be tapped by Abrams to help promote next yearís Star Wars sequel? Letís scan through a few of our favorite fan-made one sheets for the next Star Wars.

Flaming Millennium Falcon

Digital artist Sahin Duzgun has been hard at work at several different Star Wars: Episode VII posters, hosting them on Deviant Art. This elder Luke Skywalker is badass, but Iím singling out his torched Millennium Falcon image, which promises major problems for Han Soloís cherished ship Ė but also calls to mind this stark, memorable image J.J. Abrams used for Star Trek Into Darkness.

Flaming Enterprise

Too close? Possibly. But itís still a cool shot that instantly catches your eye and gets you fired up for the action sequences we hope Abrams is bringing to the Star Wars universe.
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