Star Wars Episode VII: Darth Vader Could Show Up, Be Played By A Wrestler

If you really want to be an actor, starting as a professional wrestler is not the worst way to go about it. The Rock is one of the biggest stars in the world. Bautista just played a major role in Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Hulk Hogan was in the Rocky franchise. Overlaps happen on a semi-regular basis, which is why the latest Star Wars rumor going around isn’t worth immediately burying in the backyard.

Former WWE Champion Sheamus recently headed back to Ireland to spend a little bit of time. While there, he allegedly stayed near Skellig Michael, which just so happens to be where Star Wars: Episode VII was shooting. Most people would have you believe it’s just a coincidence, but according to The Irish Mirror, he was there because he might be appearing as Darth Vader in the upcoming film. That sounds pretty ludicrous, of course, but Sheamus has actually played the famous villain on promotional tours before, and if Darth Vader does appear, he will likely be played by a large, unseen dude in the black suit and voiced by James Earl Jones.

Like a true showman, Sheamus did absolutely nothing to dispel the rumor when it was brought to his attention on Twitter…

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As our sister site Giant Freakin Robot pointed out, there’s almost no scenario here that would see Sheamus playing a modern Darth Vader that wouldn’t be a giant freaking disaster. He, (really old spoiler alert) died decades ago, and he doesn’t need to be brought back through some magic, hocus pocus mumbo jumbo that would turn the franchise into a joke. That being said, he could appear in a flashback or in a vision one of the characters has. Both of those scenarios are believable, and they could even add some key character development, if handled correctly.

More than likely, this rumor will pass without Sheamus actually appearing in Star Wars: Episode VII, but I will go on record as saying it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if he did, at least provided it was in the conditions outlined above.

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