Brad Pitt Finally Ready To Fight World War Z's Zombies

By Josh Tyler 2010-07-21 22:34:41discussion comments
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Brad Pitt Finally Ready To Fight World War Z's Zombies image
Brad Pitt has been toying with the idea of starring in the zombie movie World War Z for almost half a decade. Itís been stalled out at his production company for what seems like forever, with a script adapted from the same-named book by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski. Now theyíre doing something with it.

The news comes from MTV where they say the whole thing is moving forward with Pitt, officially attached to star. The news comes straight from World War Zís author Max Brooks, which makes the whole thing seem pretty credible. He says Paramount pictures is targeting it for a Summer 2012 release and that Marc Forster is still directing it.

So whatís it about? World War Z is described as the sober telling of the aftermath of a war against a legion of humans inflicted with a virus that makes them hunger for flesh and walk like theyíre heavily constipated. Itís a post-apocalyptic zombie movie, donít we pretty much know what weíre in for? Theyíll put their own spin on it, but itís a pretty well mined genre. The big difference here is that this may be the first zombie movie to really land an A-list star. Zombies are moving up in the world, theyíre the new superheroes.
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