Cam Gigandet Joins Emily Browning In Catherine Hardwicke's Plush

By Eric Eisenberg 2012-06-18 19:15:55discussion comments
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Cam Gigandet Joins Emily Browning In Catherine Hardwicke's Plush image
Cam Gigandet hasnít had a long career Ė he didnít do his first feature until 2007 and before that only started acting on television since 2003 Ė he hasnít had a lot of luck picking quality projects. With the exception of Easy A, which he had a very small role in, almost every film that Gigandet has appeared in has been panned by critics, from Burlesque to The Roommate to Never Back Down. Perhaps Catherine Hardwickeís Plush will help do something to buck the trend.

Variety has learned from sources that Gigandet has cast as the lead of the upcoming thriller. The actor will play a psychiatrist who uses his special psychic ability to look into the memories of his patients and find out what plagues them. As >previously reported Emily Browning will play a traumatized young woman who has powers that match the doctorís. This will be the second time that Hardwicke has worked with Gigandet, as he previously had a role in 2008ís Twilight. The director wrote the script along with Artie Nelson. The trade doesnít say when the project will move into the production phase.

Thanks to the casting of Browning and the psychiatry angle of the story, I canít help but think of Sucker Punch when I read about this story and in no way is that a good thing. Then again, perhaps Gigandet will put on a performance that will earn him an Academy Award in 2014. Hollywood is a strange town.
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