Check Out The Deadpool Jokes That Were Too Filthy For The Movie

By Adam Holmes 4 months agodiscussion comments
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Deadpool is almost a week away from release, and if thereís one thing weíve learned about the movie after months of previews and marketing, itís that this isnít a superhero adventure for the kiddies. Having earned an R rating earlier this month, itís not only featuring hardcore violence and gore, but also plenty of vulgar humor, which is always fitting for a Deadpool story. Still, weíve heard about how one scene was toned down for the final cut, and now we have a few specific examples of too-offensive jokes that were axed.

Having been talked to by 20th Century Fox beforehand, T.J. Miller, a.k.a. Deadpoolís Weasel, was hesitant to go into full detail about the February blockbusterís harsher material, but he did give a few examples of dark jokes that didnít make the cut to IGN. They included:
You look like a trucker shit on your shoulders and then shaped ears into it.

Someone pulled your balls up through your mouth and wrapped them around your head.

As you can tell, these are some grotesque sights, and Miller admitted that they were left out of the movie because they were "physically difficult to imagine." The actor didnít provide specific context for how these lines were used, but following later comments about how he riffed with Ryan Reynolds during filming, itís easy enough to tell that they were among the comments that Weasel exclaims upon seeing Wade Wilsonís gruesome face for the first time. Not to worry, though, as the trailers have shown that Weasel will still have plenty of snide comments about his best friendís visage. For instance, he tells Wade that his face looks like an avocado that had sex with an older avocado.

As for the other jokes left out, Miller attributed them to being "too ridiculous," and director Tim Miller evidently thought some of these other jokes were "too obtuse" and figured not everyone would be into them. One joke did make it into the final cut that Miller was surprised by wasnít one of those physically disgusting lines, but actually a sharp insult. It was:
Youíre gonna die alone, or at least for other peopleís sake, I hope you do.

Thatís obviously not as graphic as the earlier jokes, but yeah, I could see how that could be seen as too dark. While audiences wonít get to hear a portion of these jokes on the big screen, there may still be hope for them, as a directorís cut of Deadpool is coming later this year. Then fans will get to relish in the filthiness of this humor in the comfort of their home if they choose. As for the theatrical release, there will be a lot of boundary pushing material sprinkled through the Merc with a Mouthís spinoff for moviegoers to chew on.

You can check out some of the more exciting superhero trailers in the video below.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th.
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