Corey Stoll And Sarah Baker Join Reese Witherspoon In The Good Lie

By Nick Venable 2013-04-03 21:26:25discussion comments
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Corey Stoll And Sarah Baker Join Reese Witherspoon In The Good Lie image
Itís been a couple of months since any word on Canadian director Philippe Falardeauís next project, the inspired-by-true-events drama The Good Lie, passed by our eyes and ears, though Reese Witherspoonís involvement was enough to keep this one floating around even if nothing became of it. Well the cast just added four more members, and two of them arenít at all what youíd expect.

The most well-known of these actors, Deadline reports, is Corey Stoll, who was most recently seen as the vice-friendly councilman on the Netflix original House of Cards, as well as in the mystery drama The Time Being and The Bourne Legacy. Heíll next be seen in Liam Neesonís thriller-in-the-air flick Non-Stop, and recently joined the cast of the star-studded adaptation of This is Where I Leave You.

The Good Lie has also added Sarah Baker to its cast. Baker has been active in television since her career began, and can be seen on NBCís therapeutic comedy Go On. She was also in Jay Roachís political comedy The Campaign.

The film will center on a young Sudanese refugee who - along with three others - wins a lottery that allows him to take a new home in the U.S.. Witherspoon will play a brash American woman assigned to help the four, dubbed The Lost Boys. The lead Boy was already cast with Ugandan-born British actor Arnold Oceng. A worldwide search with Sudanese authenticity in mind brought the filmmakers two more characters in Ger Duany, an actual Sudanese Lost Boy who became a professional model after arriving in the U.S., and Emmanuel Jai, a former child soldier who transformed himself into a hip-hop artist.

Though Bakerís role isnít specified, Stoll will play the owner of an employment agency who has a hand in helping the boys out once they get to the country. The film will begin production in Atlanta on Monday and will then move the filming to Africa.
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