The Dark Knight Rises Storyboards Map Out Three Key Scenes

By Sean O'Connell 2013-01-03 09:35:55discussion comments
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It was a bittersweet year for Christopher Nolan. The director enjoyed a massive hit with The Dark Knight Rises, a sequel that earned largely positive reviews en route to a $1.08 billion worldwide haul. The film is generating awards buzz in more than a few categories. But itís also the final chapter in Nolanís Batman trilogy, so while the character likely will live on in Warner Bros.í planned Justice League movie, Nolan bid Bruce Wayne and his costumed alter ego a fond farewell.

The movieís out on DVD and Blu-ray now, giving fans the opportunity to pore over every little detail in Nolanís final chapter. Allow us to contribute to the fun. ComicBookMovie has posted a slew of storyboards from key sequences in Nolanís action-packed thriller. They map out the entire airplane sequence, showing how the director choreographed Baneís (Tom Hardy) entrance into the movie, and his spectacular exit from a crashing plane. They map out Batmanís first appearance in the film, riding a motorcycle through a darkened tunnel as he attempts to capture Bane minutes after the stock-exchange robbery. And thereís plenty more. Hereís one layout. Click here for others:

The user, nailbiter111, doesnít clarify where these storyboards were discovered. Hereís hoping that theyíre actually Nolanís, because they provide valuable insight into the structure of his large-scale action scenes, and the filmmaker can often be coy about revealing too much about his process. For instance, while Nolan does contribute to several featurettes on the Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray, thereís still no Directorís Commentary. There never will be. So fans have to cling to these reveals while we all sit back and wonder what Nolan has up his sleeve next.
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