Deadpool Has A Secret Post-Credits Scene, Here's What We Know

By Eric Eisenberg 4 months agodiscussion comments
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When it comes to modern comic book movies, it has become standard to include post-credits scenes that tease big events to come in the future of the franchise. Marvel Studios has clearly been big on it, and 20th Century Fox has gotten in on the fun as well Ė attaching special scenes to The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Following in this tradition, director Tim Millerís Deadpool has gotten in on the tag action as wellÖ but while one of the post-credits sequences is being shown to critics, the other one is being kept for the filmís theatrical release.

I had the opportunity to chat with Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick recently, and while discussing the filmís post-credits scene (which I wonít be spoiling here), they revealed that critics are only seeing one of two sequences that were put together for the movie. Said Reese,
They held back one particular, basically a second coda. They wanted to hold it back until February 11th, until the actual official movie is in the movies - so you can tease audiences that thereís two codas and you havenít seen one of them.

Having seen and loved Deadpool, I can tell you that the sequence thatís being shown to critics shows up at the very, very end, which means that the "second coda" is probably whatís been described as a "mid-credits" scene. Obviously at this point we have no idea what will be included, but one can hope that itís a) a very cool cameo, b) an interesting tease for Deadpool 2, or c) both.

Itís commonplace these days that post-credits scenes in superhero movies are shown to critics during press screenings, but it hasnít always been the case. For example, back in 2011, early showings of Joe Johnstonís Captain America: The First Avenger didnít include the special teaser for Joss Whedonís The Avengers. And speaking of the 2012 team-up blockbuster, the premiere and other showings did not include the final scene where all of Earthís Mightiest Heroes are noshing on shawarma (though that was mostly because the sequence wasnít put together until after the press junket).

So, if youíre going to be going to see Deadpool this weekend - and I hope all of you are - do yourself a favor and stick around until all of the names of those involved with the movie have rolled on the big screen (which is typically good practice anyway). In the meantime, what do you guys think is featured in the post-credits scene that 20th Century Fox has decided to hide from critics? Hit the comments below with all of your thoughts, opinions and ideas!
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