Hugo's Chloe Moretz Offered Starring Role In Carrie Remake

By Kelly West 2012-03-27 11:17:40discussion comments
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Hugo's Chloe Moretz Offered Starring Role In Carrie Remake image
The title role in the Carrie remake could prove to to be a breakthrough part for some young actress. It appears that opportunity has been offered to a girl who isnít exactly as known as much by name as someone like Dakota Fanning, but has consistently delivered solid performances, movie after movie. She also knows a thing or two about playing dark characters. In fact, upon reflecting on some of her past roles, Iím not sure I can think of a better choice to take on Stephen Kingís bullied teenager Carrie White than Chloe Moretz.

According to Deadline, MGM and director Kim Peirce have decided on Moretz to play the title role in the Carrie remake. The story follows a teen girl who has telekinetic abilities, which she inevitably uses against her fellow classmates at the prom. The classic horror was adapted from a Stephen King novel for a 1974 film starring Sissy Spacek. Per Deadline, an offer has been made for Moretz, and assuming negotiations work out, sheíll star in the remake.

Deadline mentions that Dakota Fanning was one of the names circulating for the role, and while I can see that, Moretz seems like a much better fit. Among her more recent roles, Moretz played Isabelle in Martin Scorseseís Hugo, and before that, she starred in the 2010 films Kick-Ass and Let Me In. Both Hit-Girl and Abby had dark sides (to say the least), and both parts demonstrated Moretzí ability to portray girls that are as lethal as they are beautiful. Something tells me that could serve her well as Carrie White. Hopefully things work out with negotiations. In the meantime, fans of Moretz will find her on the big screen next month when Dark Shadows hits theaters.
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