Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Clip Takes You On A Ridiculous Ride

By Nick Venable 2013-10-03 03:00:28discussion comments
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Itís too bad the money shot for this scene was already shown in the first trailer for Paramount Picturesí upcoming comedy Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, because itís a pretty great little moment. Itís no surprise that adults and children bickering with each other draws instant attention from anyone standing around, even if theyíre pretending not to listen. And so when Grandpa Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) actually sits inside the broken coin-op ride that his grandson Billy (Jackson Nicholl) keeps complaining is broken, it is with excellent timing that the ride itself launches up and through the storeís front window frightening everyone around it. Great stuff.

Like many things I write about on this website, the Jackass franchise doesnít do it for me. I can sit down and watch something like Jackass 3-D if somebody else puts it on, and Iíll laugh in all of the appropriate areas, but itís not uproarious laughter, and it isnít something Iíd ever seek out on my own. Bad Grandpa sort of gets my vote of approval because Knoxville and director/co-screenwriter actually affixed a narrative to all the self-injuring depravity. Theyíre working the whole ďno one around us knows what weíre doingĒ angle, so hopefully itíll work as something of a cross between one of Sacha Baron Cohenís character features and a Super Dave Osborne special. Thatís what the above clip reminded me of the most, even though no one knew it was supposed to be a stunt. I think I just miss Super Dave a lot.

In the film, Knoxville revives his Zisman character for a road trip comedy unlike any other, it seems. Because his mom is in jail, Billy needs to go across the country to his dadís house, and Grandpa is the one to bring him. Along the way they wreck a childrenís beauty pageant, a funeral, a biker bar and more. I guess itís easier not to have someone want to beat your face in if you have a kid around. Unless they also want to beat the kidís face in. Thatís when itís good to have a phone around.

So whereas I was halfway dreading this movie whenever it was announced, Iím actually going to go into this with an open mind. Though by ďthis,Ē I donít mean a movie theater, as Iíll be waiting for cable. But if youíre interested in catching all the sloppy shenanigans on the big screen, it opens nationwide on October 25. Watch the full-length trailer below.

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