Jude Law On The Difference Between The Theater And The World Of Anna Karenina

By Sean O'Connell 2012-11-19 10:55:14discussion comments
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Itís never easy playing the third wheel in a love triangle, particularly when itís your wife who wants to leave you for another man. Couple this with the fact that Karenin (Jude Law) is a well-respected and very public figure in Russiaís aristocracy Ė and his crumbling marriage is being played out on a national stage Ė and you can understand why Anna Karenina is such a challenge.

Law welcomes the role. Relishes it. And like the other members of Joe Wrightís cast, Law buys into the passion that lies beneath the costuming and sets of the gorgeous period drama. Anna Karenina, as the actor tells us, is a passionate piece, and he expects audiences to respond accordingly. (Katey Rich sure did. Read her five-star review right here.)

At the Toronto Film Festival, we were able to sit down with Law and discuss the different ways Wright encouraged his cast to act, their approach to stage performance (and why it didnít matter here), the scene that reminded him of vintage cinema, and more. Hereís Jude Law:

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