Jurassic World Co-Star Vincent D'Onofrio Says Fans Don't Have The Real Story Yet

By Sean O'Connell 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Jurassic World Co-Star Vincent D'Onofrio Says Fans Don't Have The Real Story Yet image
A lot has been written about Jurassic World, the fourth film in the dinosaur franchise but the first to try and resurrect the series after years of complacency. Some of the information has come straight from the cast, as when co-leads Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard hosted The Today Show on the Louisiana set. Some has come from set spies, leaking footage of things we likely werenít supposed to see. But co-star Vincent DíOnofrio says that the story online is mostly wrong, and he should know. Heís in the movie!

Vincent DíOnofrio spoke with Screen Crush recently about his role in the indie film Mall, as well as the upcoming Netflix series Daredevil, where he has been cast as The Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk. While they had him, though, the site also asked about Colin Trevorrowís Jurassic World, which has wrapped its filming and now faces a long road through post-production. And DíOnofrio ended up being very candid about the Internetís treatment of the sequel, stating:
You know, Iíve seen a lot of the stories out there. None of them really have it. Yeah, not really. Ö You have no idea whatís in store. There really are a couple of, I would say more than five or six scenes in that, that are just totally iconic, like amazing."

We donít doubt it. Naturally, a studio brings back a property like Jurassic World because it wants to tap into the nostalgia of a beloved series. But that goodwill only goes so far, and the audiences will quickly turn on a sequel if there isnít a great story to be told. Vincent DíOnofrio sounds like he was won over by the sentimentality of being on a Jurassic set. And while Steven Spielberg wasnít sitting behind that cameraís lens, the actor still couldnít believe that he was part of something that has such a rich history. DíOnofrio said:
Itís not the same feeling you have on any other set. This world that was created by Steven Spielberg. When youíre on that set -- I remember the first couple days on the set it was so weird it. You see, ĎOh, thereís the jeep from so and so,í and [whispers] ĎOh fuck, thatísÖoh shit!,í and everything looks so Jurassic-y. Itís quite something. Then you have to realize that, you know, fuck, you know, Iím playing a real guy in a real situation, and you gotta start acting."

I donít want to know more about Jurassic World. I want to be terrified by the unknown when the movie opens on June 12, 2015. Donít you?
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