Kevin Spacey Will Play Military Maven Winston Churchill In Biopic Captain Of The Gate

By Nick Venable 2 years agodiscussion comments
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Kevin Spacey Will Play Military Maven Winston Churchill In Biopic Captain Of The Gate image
While his House of Cards TV wife Robin Wright is headed for real-world drama around Mount Everest, Kevin Spacey is also going into the past for his next role. Sierra/Affinity has announced they will be producing and financing the feature Captain of the Gate, a biopic centered on former British Prime Minister and all-around iconic figure Winston Churchill, and Spacey will don the signature Homburg hat for the role. Because no one plays a U.K. leader like an American, right?

The Captain of the Gate screenplay is the first feature from Ben Kaplan, who has worked on historically-minded projects in the past such as 2009ís WWII in HD and 2011ís Vietnam in HD, both for the History Channel. He was also a story editor for When Melrose Place Ruled the World, which is almost certainly how he got this job. No director has been found yet, but Sierra/Affinity is on the prowl and Iím guessing the addition of Spacey will attract a top-tier list of filmmakers - as though a Churchill film isnít enough of a draw.

According to THR, Captain of the Gate will focus on Churchillís ascent to power in the early 1940s during his first stint as P.M., as he "stood against parliament to defend Britain and the world from Adolf Hitlerís Third Reich." Film descriptions donít get much more exciting than ones where Hitler is the enemy. Itís unclear if this pic will go into Churchillís second term as Prime Minister from 1951-1955, but thereís more than enough drama from his first four years to make a trilogy.

You can bet weíll be seeing Spacey spout off the memorable "Masters of Our Fate" speech seen below.

Production company StudioCanal, most recently responsible for Liam Neesonís Non-Stop and the upcoming Paddington adaptation, are in early talks to join the list of producers, which also includes Lila 9th Productions and Zero Gravity. Itís not out of the question to think StudioCanal would distribute as well, since thatís their normal M.O.

Spaceyís feature career has been pretty quiet in the last few years, which is fine, since his excellent turn as House of Cards mastermind Frank Underwood (for which he earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations) would have just upstaged everything else anyway. Heís currently filming Sean Andersí sequel Horrible Bosses 2, reprising the jerkass role of Dave Harken, and will soon be self-distributing the documentary NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage, which chronicles Spaceyís team-up with his American Beauty director Sam Mendes for the stage play Richard III.
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