Scream 4 Loses Another Cast Member, Lauren Graham

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-06-30 18:57:28discussion comments
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Scream 4 Loses Another Cast Member, Lauren Graham image
It was one thing to have Lake Bell call it quits just three days before filming began, but now it seems as though Wes Craven has lost another actress right in the middle of Scream 4ís very first week of shooting, Lauren Graham. The site that first reported on Grahamís casting, Ghouls on Film, is now saying Graham is out ďdue to date conflict and script changes.Ē

A date conflict? Is her role really that prominent that scheduling issues couldnít be resolve at this point? And what about those script changes? Does that mean Jill Kesslerís (Emma Roberts) mother Kate has been removed from the film entirely or will the role be recast? Youíre guess is as good as mine, but Iím thinking itís a little late in the game for a character to be completely written out.

Like Bell, Grahamís exit isnít devastating, but it is disappointing and even a little bit of a concern. When she first spoke about her casting with Jay Leno she seemed so genuinely excited about the project and thereís nothing more reassuring than that. But, oh well, weíll get over it. The lasting issue is the possibility of a more serious problem with the production. Losing two actresses in two weeks, one in the midst of filming? Itís a little suspicious. Iíve got my fingers crossed my intuitions are wrong.
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