Tom Cruise Goes Badass In Two New Jack Reacher Clips

By Sean O'Connell 2012-12-12 14:40:57discussion comments
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Because Iíve read a number of Lee Childís Jack Reacher mysteries over the years, a pretty clear vision of the wandering savior exists in a deep recess of my brain Ė the place where we envision what we are reading like if a movie were unfolding in my mind. Now that Iíve finally picked up One Shot, though, I can only picture Tom Cruise in the role, and itís making me angry. Cruise isnít my vision of Reacher. Truthfully, Iím still shocked that Cruise is Childís vision of Reacher. That said, Iím going into Paramountís Jack Reacher with an open mind, and clips like this are starting to help make me feel optimistic.

Reacher isnít a funny guy. Heís confident. He knows heís more than likely the smartest guy in any room, and his raw physicality has him convinced that heíll survive any encounter, no matter the situation. Cruise seems to be playing him with a tad too much humor in this international clip, which weíre sharing via The Playlist. But the action looks top notch, and Cruise is making Reacher appear to be the mega-badass fans know him to be. Check out this short tease for Christopher McQuarrieís upcoming film:

While digging around, we also came across a conversation HitFix posted from the film that shows Reacher (Cruise) trading secrets with a small-city police detective named Emerson (David Oyelowo). The dialogue, thankfully, has been lifted right out of Childís book, and the last line sums up why fans love Reacher. Heís the baddest of the bad, and Cruise seems to have figured that out.

McQuarrie directs this first adaptation of a Reacher novel, and as a fan of the character (and the series), Iím really hoping that Paramount gets the franchise off on a strong foot. There are several amazing stories in Childís oeuvre that could become fantastic on-screen Reacher movies. But Jack Reacher (based on One Shot) has to lure a large-enough audience to promise sequels. The movie opens in theaters on Dec. 21. Are you planning on seeing it?
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