Twilight Scares Off Monsters, Inc. 2

By Josh Tyler 2010-08-04 23:31:00discussion comments
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Twilight Scares Off Monsters, Inc. 2 image
Yesterday when the final Twilight movieís release date was announced as November 16, 2012, the same day Disney/Pixar was targeting for the release of Monsters, Inc. 2, we speculated there might be trouble. Disney, it seems, agrees. Theyíre getting the hell out of there.

Pixar movies may be money in the bank, and Monsters, Inc. may be one of the most popular animated movies of all time, but even Mike and Sully canít compete with the blind, rabid devotion people have towards Twilight. Monsters, Inc. 2 is giving up its date and moving to November 2, 2012 where it will hopefully make its money before all the Twihards trample through the theaters and make the place unbearable.
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