Weinsteins Making Fraggle Rock Movie

By Josh Tyler 2008-05-13 01:59:16discussion comments
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Thereís been talk of a Fraggle Rock movie for years now. Last we heard it was supposed to be in production over at the Jim Henson Company, along with a sequel to The Dark Crystal. Itís still happening, but it looks like the Henson Company needed a little help to get it done.

Variety says Weinstein Co. is partnering up with them to get the movie done. As rumored several months ago, Ahmet Zappa is still involved, as an executive producer. But one of Weinsteinís own, Cory Edwards will write and direct it. Edwards directed the much maligned animated film Hoodwinked for TWC. If youíre a Fraggle fan, heís probably not the guy youíd want in charge of this particular project.

If youíre not a Fraggle fan, then you probably have no idea what Iím talking about. The Fraggles were another brainchild of Muppets creator Jim Henson, a childrenís television series about tiny creatures living hidden in a series of underground caves which comprise the town of Fraggle Rock. The movie version will be a live-action musical, with all the core characters you remember from the show being taken outside their Fraggle home to interact with humans, which they believe to be aliens.
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