Zack Snyder Wonders How They'll Raise The Stakes In Man Of Steel 2

By Sean O'Connell 2013-06-27 10:18:12discussion comments
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Zack Snyder Wonders How They'll Raise The Stakes In Man Of Steel 2 image
Zack Snyderís Man of Steel continues to entertain audiences worldwide, collecting just north of $408 million around the globe to date. And yet, because we are a film community more enamored with whatís to come (instead of what we currently have to enjoy), talk continues to swirl around Man of Steel 2, and the work that Snyderís film contributes to a Justice League of America movie.

Snyderís only helping to fuel the fires of speculation. In a recent interview with Moviehole, the director says that while promotional duties on Man of Steel have chewed up the majority of his time, he anticipates having several discussions regarding the already-greenlit sequel. He just swears that they havenít happened yet.
Iím going to be a hundred percent honest with you. I havenít yet gotten to speak to the studio about all these awesome details (because Iíve been overseas on the junket),Ē Snyder tells the site. ďSo my hope is, when I get home I can sit down with everyone and itíll be like ĎOkay, so what are we going to do? ... We need to do something.Ēí

Well, yes, you obviously need to do something, and it sounds like Warner wants that something to be a Man of Steel sequel before itís a JLA movie. To that end, Snyder tells MovieHole:
I really wanted to expand the DC Universe and I really wanted to make sure, in Supermanís world, that all that is a possibility.Ē

Expanding is one thing, but it takes time to properly develop this universe. Look how long it took Marvel to lay the groundwork for The Avengers. Itís certainly possible that Man of Steel can start the ball rolling on what might one day be a JLA movie. But these things take time, as Steel star Henry Cavill tells Peter Travers in this ABC interview:

It sounds like Snyder is about the get his mind in gear for the next steps of his Superman, leading Ė in time Ė to a larger DC Cinematic Universe. A while back, we floated ideas for possible Superman villains who could power a sequel, from Lex Luthor (who seems to be the obvious choice Ö given the amount of destruction Clark Kent brought to his adopted hometown of Metropolis) to Doomsday. There are several different directions that the studio CAN go. Now itís important that they gather their wits, drop their cards on the table, and figure out a confident direction, because even though I disagreed with choices made in Man of Steel, this has the potential to be a big first step for Warner and the DC Comics franchises that could be coming to a theater near you in a not-so-distant future.
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