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Jurassic World Is Going To Open To Huge Numbers
Jurassic World looks set to take in a colossal sum when it's released next month.
jurassic park Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-26
Jurassic World Poster Drops Chris Pratt Into A Terrifying Situation
Chris Pratt finds himself in one hell of a precarious situation in the latest Jurassic World poster.
jurassic park Brent McKnight 2015-05-26
Jurassic World Will Have No Problem Killing Off Characters
Part of the fun of Jurassic World is going to be watching the dinosaurs run amok and chow down on tourists, and this new video shows the filmmakers have no problem killing off characters.
jurassic park Brent McKnight 2015-05-25
Jurassic Park's Sequels Will Not Factor In To Jurassic World, Here's Why
I'm sure there are some people out there who would like to forget the Jurassic Park sequels ever happened. While director Colin Trevorrow isnít disregarding The Lost World and Jurassic Park III entirely, his installment, Jurassic World, is more of a direct sequel to the original film.
jurassic park Nick Romano 2015-04-29
Jurassic World Confirms Appearance By One Badass Jurassic Park Star
B.D. Wong isnít the only familiar face weíll be seeing in Jurassic World. Thereís another, bigger, more vicious predator from the first Jurassic Park film that will stomp her way in the new installment.
jurassic park Nick Romano 2015-04-29
Jurassic World: What We Know So Far
Universal brings the mighty dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park franchise back to life for a new installment in the ongoing series. Expect a lot of changes on screen for Jurassic World. Learn about them all right here!
jurassic park Sean O'Connell 2015-04-28
Joss Whedon Offers Jurassic World An All-Star Non-Apology For Calling It Sexist
Joss Whedon responded to his tweet that called Jurassic World sexist in the most passive-aggressive manner imaginable.
jurassic park Gregory Wakeman 2015-04-14
Why Joss Whedon Thinks Jurassic World Looks Sexist
Joss Whedon has long been a proponent of gender equality in the entertainment industry. When the first clip for Jurassic World hit the airwaves, this inner fighter came out.
jurassic park Nick Romano 2015-04-10
How Does BD Wong Look So Young In This Jurassic World Image?
Does BD Wong not age? We can't believe how young the SVU star looks in this new Jurassic World picture.
jurassic park Brent McKnight 2015-03-20
Wait, Jurassic Park Has Turtle Sex Sound Effects?
Jurassic Park recorded a variety of animals to get his desired sound effects, including turtles having a sex.
jurassic park Gregory Wakeman 2015-03-13
What Jurassic World's Terrifying New Hybrid Dinosaur Looks Like
The folks manning Jurassic World never learned this valuable lesson, despite all that happened in the first three movies: Donít. Play. God! Nevertheless, hereís our best look yet at the new Indominus Rex hybrid dinosaurÖin toy form!
jurassic park Nick Romano 2015-02-13
Why Chris Pratt's Army Of Jurassic World Raptors Isn't Crazy At All
If you're one of those people who isn't completely on board with the "raptor squad" notion that Jurassic World is putting out there, you might be surprised with its possible origins.
jurassic park Mike Reyes 2015-02-05
Your 2015 Reading Guide: 15 Great Books About To Become Movies
Dust off your library card, and clear your schedule. If you're going to the movies for most of 2015, you've got some reading to do!
jurassic park Mike Reyes 2015-01-29
Why Jurassic World Chose That Mysterious Hybrid As Its Villain
The Jurassic World trailer has got fans wondering why the film chose a dinosaur hybrid as its main villain. Director Colin Trevorrow explains the logic behind a dino hybrid.
jurassic park Kendall Ashley 2014-11-29
Ranking The 10 Most Iconic Moments From The Jurassic Park Franchise
Now that we've gotten our first look at Jurassic World, the upcoming jump start to the Jurassic Park franchise, it's safe to assume that Colin Trevorrow is aiming to bring dinosaurs back to life in the imaginations of the movie going public. So what better time is there to recall the major milestones that Jurassic Park and its two sequels have given us over 21 years of the franchise's history?
jurassic park Mike Reyes 2014-11-28
The Jurassic World Poster Is Remarkably Similar To The Jurassic Park Poster
When Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park was released back in 1993, it apparently didn't take much to sell it to audiences. The main poster for the film, in fact, featured simply the logo for the movie and a tagline. Now, 21 years later, Universal Pictures has brought that marketing strategy back for the first Jurassic World teaser poster.
jurassic park Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-14
The Reason Why Jurassic Park's Raptors Are Total BS
Jurassic Park got its velociraptors wrong, and the BBC is taking them to task! Get the scientific details within.
jurassic park Mike Reyes 2014-10-09
This Is How Jurassic World Is Paying Tribute To John Hammond
Jurassic World is paying tribute to the late Lord Richard Attenborough, and they are doing so with a beautiful tribute to his character in the film's universe. Colin Trevorrow shared a picture of how they are going to honor him, and we have the coverage inside.
jurassic park Mike Reyes 2014-08-26
Go Watch Jurassic Park In Honor Of Richard Attenborough
Beloved actor, director and humanitarian Richard Attenborough died this week at the age of 90. Given his incredible fame and critical reputation, itís no surprise tributes are popping up all over the Internet. Whatís interesting about these moments in the sun for Attenborough, however, is how few of them are focusing on Jurassic Park, or mentioning it as a throwaway in the ninth paragraph.
jurassic park Mack Rawden 2014-08-24
These Alternate Jurassic Park Posters Are Decades Old And Still Incredible
This collection hits shelves on August 22nd, and it features several alternate poster takes on the likes of Blade Runner, Batman, and others. But most interesting is the glimpse into the Jurassic Park ad campaign we never once saw.
jurassic park Gabe Toro 2014-08-08
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