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Cameron Diaz And Benicio Del Toro Going Rom-Com Together
I actually wouldn't mind seeing del Toro in a romantic role. Diaz I could take or leave, but it might be interesting to see what happens to her when paired with an actor of Del Toro's caliber
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2010-04-20
Script Review: The Farrellys' Three Stooges Movie
When the movie finally gets made, this is the screenplay the Farrellys are planning to use. Written by Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, and Mike Cerrone, this Three Stooges script is Stooges through and through
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2010-04-07
Benicio Del Toro Will Go Undercover In Making Jack Falcone
A movie about retired FBI agent Jack Garcia is in the works and itíll star Benicio del Toro. Peter Buchman penned the script and Steve Soderbergh, whoís currently fishing for a director, is on board to produce. The duo originally had Making Jack Falcone set up at Paramount, the studio may soon let it go.
Benicio Del Toro Perri Nemiroff 2010-03-05
Jim Carrey Still In Three Stooges?
When we all heard about a possible new Three Stooges movie with Benicio Del Toro, Jim Carrey and Sean Penn there is no way we thought it could be true. Why would they do such a horrible thing
Benicio Del Toro David Zani 2010-02-10
The Wolfman Super Bowl Spot
The new Super Bowl trailer for The Wolfman has arrived. Itís a collection of things youíve already seen, but cut to go by even faster for football fans in between trips to the kitchen for taquitos
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2010-02-07
7 Clips From The Wolfman
We have seven new clips from The Wolfman, each darker and creepier than the last. Benicio del Toro growls his way through all seven while Anthony Hopkins looks on and seems highly amused
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2010-01-29
A Video Look Inside The Wolfman
We have a new look inside Universalís upcoming resurrection of The Wolfman. It continues their efforts to draw a direct line between their classic, black and white monster movies and this new take on the character
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2010-01-28
The Wolfman Rated R And Universal Couldn't Be Happier
Universalís The Wolfman has gotten an R-ratingÖ and they couldnít be happier about it. Theyíre so happy about it that they emailed us tonight trumpeting the movieís rating and presumably the terrifying, bloody gore
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2009-12-09
The Legend Lives In The Wolfman International Posters
Now that Thanksgiving is over, are you hungry for some wolf? I hope so, because weíve got three new international posters for Wolfman. The first is really the same as the domestic poster released at the beginning of the month, plus some color.
Benicio Del Toro Perri Nemiroff 2009-11-27
A Look Inside The Wolfman
Benicio del Toroís new Wolfman movie seems to be drenching itself in the nostalgia of classic, Universal monster movies. While that might seem cool to me and you, itís probably a horrible decision in an environment where
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2009-11-24
Danny Elfman Out As Wolfman Composer
The most recent trailer, embedded below, featured utterly un-Elfman-like modern rock type music, and that's probably a good hint as to where the movie will go from there. It does make the film feel more modern
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-11-09
Emily Blunt Stars In The New Wolfman Poster
Wolfman, the remake of the classic Universal horror film, is about Benicio del Toro as the titular beast, yes. But it's also about the man inside him, his relationship with a character played by Emily Blunt, and his inability to keep from hurting the people he might love
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-11-06
New Wolfman Traiier Focuses On Effects Over Story
Usually a second trailer for a film can be expected to give more plot details, more dialogue, and more stuff than the first one, which is just put out there to get you aware of what the film is to begin with. But the second trailer for The Wolfman
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-10-21
Even More Stunning Wolfman Images
While Fox has sort of fumbled about and botched the release of the first trailer and early promotion for Avatar, Universal is quietly doing everything exactly right in promoting their new take on The Wolfman
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2009-08-20
Wolfman Trailer: Benicio Del Toro Isn't Quite Human
If you're totally frustrated from spending the whole morning trying to get the Avatar trailer to work, why not check out a movie with a trailer you can actually see! The first trailer for The Wolfman has landed
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-08-20
Creepy New Wolfman Images Claw Their Way Online
Itís been awhile since weíve seen anything from Universalís very cool looking remake of The Wolfman. That changes right now. We have tons of awesome, creepy new images from the movie which stars Benicio del Toro
Benicio Del Toro Josh Tyler 2009-08-19
Paul Giamatti Is A Stooge, Jim Carrey Is Not
Paul Giamatti will be replacing Sean Penn in their Three Stooges movie, but in another stroke of bad luck, Jim Carrey has dropped out. Even in the rumor stage the cast was a revolving door of A-list Hollywood names, and Benicio del Toro remains the only cast member still on board after the initial casting announcement
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-08-10
Wolfman, Paul Greengrass' Green Zone Delayed
That sounds like exceptionally bad news for the Benicio del Toro vehicle, which has already been pushed back several times and recently underwent reshoots
Benicio Del Toro Katey Rich 2009-07-28
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