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Operation Kino 127: How To Tell History Better On Film, And Some Breaking Bad Speculation
This week we can't figure out why so many Hollywood movies-- including Lee Daniels' The Butler-- tell history so poorly, and wonder if documentaries should be made more often by major studios. Plus more detailed discussion about The Butler, David's adventures in the game Persona 4: Golden, a pop quiz about whether we think Walter White will die at the end of Breaking Bad, and a lightning round about our favorite historical figures on film
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-08-13
Operation Kino 126 Review: Searching For Healthcare And Good Sci-Fi On Elysium
This week we've shed the shackles of Earth and made our way to the skies to reach Elysium, the new film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp. Can it live up to the expectations from his first film? Is Matt Damon's health care plan really that bad? Patches, Dave and David reveal all in their review, in addition to picking your answers to our lightning around about forgotten Disney classics
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-08-09
Operation Kino 126: China's Growing Hollywood Influence, But More Importantly, Smurfs 2
This week we're interested in the prospect of a Pacific Rim 2, but a whole lot more interested in what seems like China's obvious growing influence on our biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Its it a good thing or a bad thing? Is it something the average moviegoer needs to know about? That plus Patches' highly anticipated review of The Smurfs 2, Da7e grappling with TV's adaptation of Hannibal, the return of Film Centipede, and a lightning round about forgotten Disney favorites
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-08-06
Operation Kino 125: The Spectacular Now Lives Up To Its Sundance Hype
This week we're tapping back into all those heavy high school emotions to review The Spectacular Now, the new teenage romance directed by James Ponsoldt and starring Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley. To help us out, we bring in Slashfilm's own Angie Han. Was she as charmed by the movie as Katey and Patches were back at Sundance? Find out!
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-08-02
Operation Kino 125: The Love Story Quarter Quell
This week is our 125th episode, which marks our fourth Quarter Quell. As we've done in the past, we're changing up the format this week, with each of us bringing up a film that affected the way we think about relationships and love. Patches talks about Harold and Maude and how it taught him how to open up to a girl in high school, Da7e talks about Can't Hardly Wait and the false messages it sent him, Katey talks about coping with a breakup through Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and David talks about how Certified Copy reflects the many performative aspects of relationships
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-30
Operation Kino 124 Review: Slicing Our Way Through The Wolverine
This week we've survived the bombing of Nagasaki and fortified our skeletons with adamantium, all so we can travel to Japan and review The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman returns to play the X-Men character for the seventh time-- which is crazy-- and we ponder whether this standalone effort, much unlike X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is actually worth a watch
OpKino Katey Rich 2013-07-26
Operation Kino 125: Comic-Con's Aftermath, Spike Lee's Kickstarter, And Japan
This week we've made it to the flip side of Comic-Con, and look back on the weekend in San Diego to figure out which trends emerged about the movies we'll be seeing for the next few years. We also hash out the meaning of Spike Lee's Kickstarter campaign, answer a listener voicemail about movie conversations on Twitter, pick out some of the most overlooked performances from the year so far, and pick our favorite films set in Japan for the lightning round
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-23
Operation Kino 123 Review: Only God Can Forgive Red 2
This week we give you two reviews-- two!-- for the price of one, as we review both Nicolas Winding Refn's Only God Forgives and the sequel nobody really asked for, Red 2. Which is better? Who glowers better-- Bruce Willis or Ryan Gosling? Which one involves exploding toilets? Find out all about that and much more, plus your answers to our lightning question about moments of violence in movies that make us squeamish
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-20
Operation Kino 123: Ghooooosts!
This week, as the world braces for Comic-Con, we talk about the boycott of Ender's Game and the outrage over author Orson Scott Card's views on gay rights. Does it mean anything to boycott a movie based on the views of the book's author? Will it accomplish anything? We also talk about Katey finally catching up on Game of Thrones, Da7e wonders if you have to believe in ghosts to be scared by ghost movies, we remember our fondest Comic-Con experiences, and we pick our favorite squirm-inducing moments of movie violence
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-17
Operation Kino 122 Review: David Burns Pacific Rim To The Ground
This week we're coming to you live from the Shatterdome, as we review this week's rock-'em sock-'em jaeger vs. kaiju adventure Pacific Rim. Does it live up to the many monster movies that inspired it? Has Guillermo del Toro made a film worth the five-year wait? Will David ever like a single blockbuster that comes out this summer? All that, plus your answers to our lightning round question about when animals attack
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-12
Operation Kino 122: TV vs. Film, And When Animals Attack
This week, we revisit the debate between TV and film, and wonder if one format is gaining on the other in terms of capturing the public imagination. David catches us up on his recent cinematic visit to North Korea, Patches is scared to death of David Lynch's Lost Highway, we go over the good and bad of Guillermo del Toro...
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-09
Operation Kino 121: Fruitvale Station, The Sundance Hit Engineered For Oscar Glory
We couldn't force ourselves to see The Lone Ranger or Despicable Me 2-- sorry, guys. So instead we buckle up for a bit of a fight over next week's indie release Fruitvale Station, which won a slew of prizes at the Sundance Film Festival in January and is preparing to open in limited release
OpKino Katey Rich 2013-07-05
Operation Kino 121: When Will Gay Rights Finally Come To The Movies?
This week, while we're all still celebrating the end of the Defense of Marriage Act, we wonder why increasing public support of gay relationships has barely been reflected in film at all. We also talk about the new indie Museum Hours and a new issue of the Hawkeye comic, ponder the awfulness of the blockbusters this year so far, and pick our favorite cinematic masked characters inspired by The Lone Ranger
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-07-02
Operation Kino 120: White House Down Is America, And Back To The Future Might Be Racist
An average cop named John McClane-- no, sorry, John Cale-- is the only person left in Nakatomi Plaza-- sorry, we mean The White House-- who can help save the hostages-- oh, and the President!-- in this weekend's new action thrilled Die H-- White House Down. Yes, White House Down
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-28
Operation Kino 120: Don Draper Is Driving Us All Crazy
This week we're all fed up with Don Draper, but we can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing as we bring in special guest Joe Reid to discuss the season finale of Mad Men. Plus Katey gets upset when people try to critique movies they haven't seen, Patches is stressed about his love of John Hodgman, we wonder what it would be like if you could alter all art with your mind, and we ponder our favorite movie musical numbers for this week's lightning round question
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-25
Operation Kino 119 Review: World War Z Eats Our Brains
Can Brad Pitt save the world from a zombie apocalypse if he can't even save his own movie's troubled production?We're here to find out as we review this weekend's latest attempted blockbuster, World War Z, with Fangoria's Sam Zimmerman brought in as an expert witness. All that plus a little discussion of Monsters University and your answers to our lightning round question about animated prequels you actually want to see
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-21
Operation Kino 119: Critics, Yeezus, And Pixar's Winning Streak
This week we're still puzzling over the Man of Steel critical response, and why so many people seemed to only want to reviews they already agreed with. We also talk about Pixar's so-called winning streak, the video game The Last of Us, Kanye West's new album Yeezus, and animated films that we really want to see get a prequel
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-18
Operation Kino 118 Review: Man Of Steel Soars, Stumbles, And Makes David Insecure
It's a bird…it's a plane…no, it's this week's Operation Kino! All four of us are together to talk about Man of Steel, the new Superman movie that has the entire Internet divided-- and we are no different! Listen for the comparisons to Green Lantern, stay for David's hangups about Russell Crowe in Les Miserables and comparing his own body to Superman's. All that plus your answers to our lightning round inspired by Marlon Brandon's Superman cameo
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-14
Operation Kino 118: Is Vulgar Auteurism Really A Thing?
This week the gang's all back together, and we celebrate by forcing David-- and everyone else-- to talk about this hot next thing called Vulgar Auteurism, and whether or not it actually is a thing. Plus tidbits from Katey about the upcoming adaptation of the book Serena and from Da7e about why you can't buy Indiana Jones movies individually. And Film Centipede makes a return, with a DC Comics slant. All that plus a lightning round inspired by great cameos in movies
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-11
Operation Kino 117 Review: Seth Rogen's This Is the End Avoids the Apatow Apocalypse
This week David Ehrlich, Matt Patches, and Jordan Raup of TheFilmStage.com play themselves in a review of Seth Rogen's directorial debut This Is the End. Rogen alongside James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride in the apocalyptic comedy, but does the meta-approach work wonders or signal the end of the Apatow era?
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-07
Operation Kino 117: Were Google and Tumblr Part of Carl Sagan's Dream for the Universe?
This week, Katey, Dave, and David are all MIA — so it's up to Patches to pick some topics and wrangle the Internet's best to talk them out. First up, Patches and James Rocchi of MSN Movies profess their love for Cosmos and discuss Carl Sagan's influence on movies.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-06-04
Operation Kino 116 Review: Man vs. Nature vs. Now You See Me vs. After Earth
This week we'd like to welcome you back to Earth and show you a magic trick in three acts. That's right, this week sees two major non-franchise releases so we thought we'd touch on them both. Magical caper Now You See Me leads us off followed up by a discussion of M. Night Shyamalan's newest Smith-family joint.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-31
Operation Kino 116: Streaming Now
This week we're down a Katey and decide that it would be a great time to check up on the ever-changing landscape of streaming entertainment. House of Cards might have been the vanguard, but is Arrested Development that game-changer? Plus discussions about Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon fighting over Quicksilver and Patches' Troma/Cannes experience, a mini-segment about ILLUSIONS, and a lightning round inspired by After Earth.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-28
Operation Kino 115 Review: Revving It Up For Fast & Furious 6
VROOM! VROOM! or…yeah…something. Deadline's Jen Yamato joins the furious pair of Katey and David to discuss Justin Lin's final entry into the Fast and Furious Franchise. Complete with a group of bikers revving through the streets outside of Jen's apartment.
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-24
Operation Kino 115: Talking About Spoilers, Because We Cannes
This week we are gallivanting along the French Riviera-- or standing outside in torrential downpours, depending on how you look at it-- as Patches checks in with an update from the Cannes Film Festival. Katey and Da7e talk spoiler culture, David waxes poetic over Before Midnight, Da7e explains a bit about the future of zombie Community, and we have a lightning round inspired by Fast & Furious 6
OpKino Operation Kino 2013-05-21
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