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Even Christian Bale Knows His Terminator Movie Sucked
When Terminator Salvation was released in 2009, it wound up being a bit of a clunker. Made with a stunning $200 million budget, the movie was not only poorly received by critics, but also underperformed in the United States and made a rather underwhelming $371 million worldwide.
christian bale Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-08
Why The Dark Knight's Batman Won't Be In Any Other Superhero Movies
While thereís been speculation on the return of The Dark Knightís Batman, Christian Bale has put the notion to rest, assuring that his portrayal doesnít fit in any other superhero movies.
christian bale Catarina Cowden 2014-12-06
Why Christian Bale Doesn't Think Of Himself As A Movie Star
Christian Bale has admitted that he doesnít think of himself as a movie star. In fact, Christian Bale doesnít think that anyone in the current cinematic climate is a movie star. In fact, the Exodus: Gods and Kings actor believes that the "movie star" is a dying breed.
christian bale Gregory Wakeman 2014-12-03
Moses Would Be Branded As A Terrorist Today, According To Christian Bale
Would Moses be regarded as a terrorist if he was around today? Christian Bale certainly thinks so.
christian bale Gregory Wakeman 2014-11-28
How Christian Bale Reacted To News That Ben Affleck Had Been Cast As Batman
Despite the fact that the actor has gone on to be in some incredible dramas Ė earning an Oscar for his dizzying work in David O. Russellís The Fighter -- itís likely that Bale will always be remembered for his time in the Batsuit, when he traded lines with fellow icons and reinvented how Hollywood views the modern superhero genre.
christian bale Sean O'Connell 2014-11-24
Christian Bale Just Left The Steve Jobs Biopic, Here's Why
Christian Bale isnít a flake who picks up and drops films at random. If he truly believes heís wrong for the part, I can understand him passing on it.
christian bale Sean O'Connell 2014-11-03
Wait, Steve Jobs Is Going To Be In How Much Of The Steve Jobs Movie?
Christian Bale has now been confirmed as Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkinís biopic of the Apple icon, and the writer is adamant that the Welsh actor will be superb as the character. This is despite the fact that the Dark Knight trilogy star has a mammoth task ahead of him, as he is set to be in every single frame of the film.
christian bale Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-23
Christian Bale May Be Down to Play Steve Jobs Again, Here's Why
As if the idea of Christian Bale and Danny Boyle working on a movie wasnít tantalizing enough, the duo will be adapting a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin, Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Social Network, Moneyball, A Few Good Men and televisionís The West Wing.
christian bale Sean O'Connell 2014-10-15
What Happened To Christian Bale's Ass On The Set Of The Machinist Is Horrifying
In order to play the lead role in 2004ís The Machinist, Christian Bale infamously lost a substantial amount of weight. To undergo this transformation Bale had to change what he ate and the way he looked, but Michael Ironside, his co-star in the drama, has revealed that there was another, more repulsive, repercussion.
christian bale Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-09
The Exodus: Gods And Kings Trailer Gives Us Plagues, Epic Special Effects And The Wrath Of God
Locusts. Frogs. Fire and brimstone. A screaming Christian Bale, trying to out-Heston the greatest on-screen Moses the industry has ever seen. And we get a towering Red Sea, ready to crash down on all who dare part it.
christian bale Sean O'Connell 2014-10-01
Christian Bale In Talks To Be The New Travis McGee
It looks like just as Christian Bale had retired Batman, he's come looking for a new franchise to call his own. And he's enlisting the help of a fellow Oscar favorite to help him along the way. Are you ready for Christian Bale as sly P.I. Travis McGee?
christian bale Gabe Toro 2014-07-15
Christian Bale Tells Us How A Beer Gut And Comb Over Were Crucial To American Hustle
I recently had the chance to talk with Bale about his work in American Hustle, and just how his latest transformation shaped his character.
christian bale Kristy Puchko 2013-12-20
6 Drastic Ways Christian Bale Changed His Look For A Role
We got to thinking about the roles that required Bale to alter his appearance. Sometimes itís a hairstyle. Sometimes itís a lack of hygiene. Often it has to do with his body build, either bulking up to fight crime, or slimming down to deal with the consequences of his action.
christian bale Sean O'Connell 2013-12-09
Christian Bale Reveals The Origin Of His Batman Voice And How His Wife Found It Dumb
Bale not only restated his pleasure in seeing the character get passed on, but also revealed the inspiration for the Batman voice that has become a signature part of his performance.
christian bale Kristy Puchko 2013-11-19
Watching Christian Bale And Casey Affleck At Work On The Set Of Out Of The Furnace
Braddock now stands alongside Detroit and Gary, Indiana and any number of other Rust Belt towns as a symbol of America's lost industrial might. We've seen the pictures of rusted-out factories and crumbling towns; what Cooper wanted to bring to Braddock was a story, about what happens when the world collapses around you but also how a community moves on together
christian bale Katey Rich 2013-11-19
Christian Bale Shares The Batman Advice He Gave Ben Affleck
Over the course of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale's take on the caped crusader defined the character of Batman for many a moviegoer worldwide. With his suave Bruce Wayne persona and growling Batman voice, he proved iconic, making it difficult for anyone to follow in his footsteps - even an Academy Award-winner.
christian bale Kristy Puchko 2013-11-18
Out Of The Furnace's Second Trailer Reveals Its More Thrilling Side
Among fall movies there's the ones aiming for Oscars, the ones aiming for big audiences, and then every once in a while some that fall in the middle. We had pegged Out of the Furnace as pure prestige, coming from the writer and director of Crazy Heart and starring a laundry list of Oscar nominees and winners, from Christian Bale to Forest Whitaker
christian bale Katey Rich 2013-10-04
Watch Christian Bale Audition For Batman Begins In Val Kilmer's Batsuit
Over the years we've seen many different actors put on the Batsuit and become Batman for a live-action feature, from Adam West to Michael Keaton to George Clooney, but few have done the classic comic book superhero justice quite like Christian Bale. Not only was his performance in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy considered by many to be the best on-screen portrayal of the character...
christian bale Eric Eisenberg 2013-09-23
Batman Before And After: How The Batsuit Can Change Or Ruin Careers
Regardless of whether itís a ďgoodĒ or a ďbadĒ choice, casting Affleck was definitely an interesting choice, as were each of those chosen to take the role before him. Letís take a look back at those previous actors that donned the cowl, and how the role figured into their careers.
christian bale Nick Venable 2013-08-24
David O. Russell's American Hustle Debuts What Might Be History's Most Expensive Trailer
This fall will apparently be the time to see very famous people doing very bad, very corrupt things while looking very attractive while they do it. We've still barely recovered from the crazy Wolf of Wall Street trailer, and now here comes the first trailer for American Hustle, the next film from The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell.
christian bale Katey Rich 2013-07-31
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