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New Jonah Hex Image and Synopsis
Ever since the producers over at Legendary Pictures shafted Tom Jane out of the titular role of the scarred gunslinger in Jonah Hex I've had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about the film. Not that I don't like Josh Brolin, but Tom Jane went out of his way to put together a pretty excellent get-up to try and sell himself as the man for the job. That sort of devotion to a character shouldn't go unnoticed. That said, here's some Jonah Hex news.
jonah hex Will LeBlanc 2009-11-30
Comic Con: Megan Fox And Josh Brolin On Jonah Hex Poster UPDATED
Here's your first look at the poster for Jonah Hex, featuring a corseted Megan Fox and a big glare in a hat. The guy behind the glare is Josh Brolin, last seen playing the best George Bush since Will Ferrell in W.
jonah hex Katey Rich 2009-07-22
See Megan Fox Squeezed Into A Corset
As a man Iím probably supposed to say something about how hot Megan Fox looks in these pictures, but all I can think is: damn that looks painful. No humanís waist was ever meant to be that small. Even Megan Foxís waist, canít really be that small, can it
jonah hex Josh Tyler 2009-04-27
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