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The Heat Will Hit Blu-ray, DVD And Digital In October
Twentieth Century Fox’s The Heat did far better than expected this summer, pulling in a cool $157 million plus domestically and landing itself on our summer wrap-up winners list. Now, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is prepping to bring the funny film into homes, putting together an October 15 Blu-ray and DVD. Additionally, the flick will get an early Digital release, beginning on October 1.
melissa mccarthy Jessica Rawden 2013-09-05
Melissa McCarthy In Talks To Star In Paul Feig's Spy Comedy Susan Cooper
Feig and McCarthy first collaborated on Bridesmaids in 2011 and got rave reviews for their work together, which led them to reteam on The Heat earlier this year. Obviously the director and the star enjoy working with one another, but right now the only thing that might stand in the way of their next project is McCarthy's commitments to her CBS television series Mike & Molly.
melissa mccarthy Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-25
Sandra Bullock Shuts Down Idea Of The Heat Sequel
Not only has it won critical praise, but also the R-rated buddy cop caper has proved a big hit for Fox, banking more than $150 million worldwide to date. With numbers like that, a sequel seems a no-brainer, but one half of the funny film’s leading ladies isn’t quite on board with for bringing back The Heat.
melissa mccarthy Kristy Puchko 2013-07-25
White House Down Stumbles At Friday Box Office, While The Heat Takes Over
Alright, people, I don't know what else we can possibly give you. It's just before the Fourth of July, and you need something to see at the movies. Roland Emmerich, the guy who brought you Independence Day is back, and he's once again blowing up the White House. And the Capitol. And he's got Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx (as the President, for God's sake!) running around trying to stop the terrorists who did it
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2013-06-29
Melissa McCarthy's Voice Joins Seth Rogen's In B.O.O.(Bureau of Otherworldly Operations)
Watts (McCarthy) is the oddball partner to Rogen’s Jackson Moss in the titular Bureau, which is a super duper secret government agency founded to keep ghosts from haunting innocent humans. The two new agents get engaged in a high stakes plot once they find out the Most Wanted Haunter, along with his ghost army, is planning on destroying B.O.O. and turning Earth into a ghoulish graveyard.
melissa mccarthy Nick Venable 2013-06-13
Is Melissa McCarthy's Photoshopping In The Heat Poster The Worst Ever?
Everyone knows what Melissa McCarthy really looks like, and unless CGI technologies have advanced to an unprecedented to degree, her actual face will be on display when the comedy The Heat opens later this month. But the above poster for the movie seems to be attempting to change McCarthy's face entirely
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2013-06-11
Melissa McCarthy Throws An Extra Off The Set Of Tammy For Allegedly Abusing A Child
The situation became an issue when McCarthy caught the mother jerking the child in the air by the wrist. Unsurprisingly, McCarthy fired the woman and had production assistants take the woman off the premises, the actress saying she wouldn’t tolerate abuse on her set.
melissa mccarthy Nick Venable 2013-05-22
Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Try Good-Cop/Bad-Cop In The Heat Clip
I believe that Feig’s Heat will live or die based on the chemistry shared between these two funny ladies, and there’s tremendous interplay between Bullock and McCarthy that I think is going to help turn this into a smash hit.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2013-04-15
Melissa McCarthy And Sandra Bullock Get Tough In First Clip From The Heat
If there's anyone who can save us from what feels like an uninspiring summer movie season, it's Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. The unlikely comic duo is teaming up for The Heat, the next film from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig that changes genres entirely, casting the two as FBI agents who aren't exactly good at working with partners
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2013-04-12
Melissa McCarthy Will Star Opposite A Conniving Bill Murray In St. Vincent De Van Nuys
Who could possibly picture Murray as a corrupt, thieving, lying gambler? McCarthy will play his new neighbor, a single mother whose multi-shift hospital schedule forces her hand in asking De Van Nuys to look after her good-hearted 12-year-old son. Though the elder gentleman subjects the boy to much of his bad behavior, only the positive aspects are filtered through. It’s hard to see where this project could go wrong, especially if Melfi’s script is as affecting as its buzz has implied
melissa mccarthy Nick Venable 2013-03-12
Watch Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy Share Oscar's Wardrobe Secrets In The Heat Ad
Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy both attended the Academy Awards on Sunday evening as presenters, though they did not share the stage at any moment. Instead, they appeared in a clever Oscar-centric commercial for their summer buddy-cop comedy The Heat, playing up the wardrobe secret that’s helping keep Hollywood’s hottest talents in place on Oscar night.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2013-02-24
Identity Thief Opens With Huge Friday Box Office To Take Over #1
So nearly every critic on earth hated your movie? Well if you're Identity Thief director Seth Gordon, that shouldn't matter at all. The comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman scored a rough 24% on Rotten Tomatoes but made $11.2 million on Friday, easily besting fellow new release Side Effects
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2013-02-09
Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone To Make Their Directorial Debut With Tammy
The Identity Thief star will be making her directorial debut by helming Tammy herself alongside her husband, co-writer and producing partner Ben Falcone. According to the trade McCarthy-Miller was forced to drop off of the project due to scheduling issues, and while the studio tried to get Rob Reiner involved a deal couldn’t be made.
melissa mccarthy Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-07
Melissa McCarthy To Produce And Star In Three New Comedies
This weekend Melissa McCarthy will be arriving in theaters courtesy of the new comedy Identity Thief. The movie is her first starring film role since she became a breakout star in Paul Feig's Bridesmaids, earning a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her performance. She has landed a number of new projects since then and today she has added three (yes, three) new movies to her slate.
melissa mccarthy Eric Eisenberg 2013-02-06
Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy Continue To Crush In The Heat Trailer
Melissa McCarthy has two high-profile comedies rolling into theaters over the next few weeks. Yet, while her Identity Thief (with Jason Bateman) will reach area screens first, we’re kind of looking past that to the March release of The Heat thanks to hilarious new international trailers like this one, which recently landed online.
melissa mccarthy Sean O'Connell 2013-01-24
New Identity Thief Trailer Lets Melissa McCarthy Cut Loose
Aside from a tiny role in Judd Apatow's This is 40, Melissa McCarthy hasn't actually been much of a presence at the movies this year. But her performance as Megan in last year's Bridesmaids, and the Oscar nomination that came with it, still looms large enough in pop culture that it feels like McCarthy has been everywhere
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2012-12-18
Bill Burr Joins Bullock And McCarthy In Paul Feig's Buddy Cop Film
Paul Feig's Bridesmaids was a fantastic demonstration of just how funny women can be, and perhaps we'll see a similar demonstration when he directs Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in the yet-to-be-titled buddy cop film written by Katie Dippold. While the movie has already begun filming in Boston, it's apparently still adding to its cast.
melissa mccarthy Kelly West 2012-07-17
Tony Hale Joins Melissa McCarthy And Sandra Bullock's Buddy Cop Comedy
With a foundation that includes a hot director, a rising screenwriter, and two A-list comediennes, The Heat—or whatever it will eventually be called—is sure to attract a stellar array of supporting players, and chief among them is the always awesome Tony Hale
melissa mccarthy Kristy Puchko 2012-07-10
Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Teaming Up For Paul Feig Directed Buddy Cop Movie
Almost twenty years ago, Sandra Bullock brought an amusing kind of charm to her role as law enforcer Lenina Huxley in the futuristic action movie Demolition Man. From what's being reported, it looks like the Blind Side star will be back in a badge and teaming up with fellow funny lady Melissa McCarthy for a comedy written by Katie Dippold and directed by Bridesmaids' Paul Feig.
melissa mccarthy Kelly West 2012-05-19
Chris Rock Wants Melissa McCarthy For The Film He's Writing
Chris Rock had one of the most surprising and charming acting turns at this year's Sundance Film Festival, playing the beleaguered husband of Julie Delpy's character in 2 Days In New York, an energetic comedy she also directed
melissa mccarthy Katey Rich 2012-02-03
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