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One Original CHiPs Star Has Some Blunt Thoughts About The New Movie
CHIPS is the latest in a long line of TV series to be given the big screen treatment. When this happens, the stars of the original series always have opinions on seeing their series rebooted. This one is no exception.
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Which Classic Power Rangers Villains The Cast Wants To See In Power Rangers 2
CinemaBlend recently asked the Power Rangers to talk about classic villains they want to see in Power Rangers 2. Check out our interview to see their answers for yourself!
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The Live Action Barbie Movie Has Suffered A Big Setback
We're in the midst of a long line of toys being turned into movies, and it seemed for a while that the live-action Barbie movie would be the next of these projects to be made.
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A Major A-List Actor Could Have Played Cable
Recently we learned that Fox has a frontrunner for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. However, we're now learning that the selection process has been far from simple and many others were considered for the role, including one somewhat surprising major star.
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Will Chris Evans Return For Captain America 4? Here's What He Said
Considering how essential Captain America is to the overall narrative of the MCU, many are wondering if Chris Evans will continue after the events of Infinity War. Here's what he said recently.
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How Much The Fate Of The Furious Is On Track To Make Its Opening Weekend?
Furious 7 was not only a successful movie in its own right but it became one of the most successful movies of all time. The early estimates are now coming on how the next entry in the series is going to do when it arrives next month.
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Wait, Could Disney's Mulan Be A Musical, After All?
Just when you thought it was safe to write off Mulan as a non-musical remake, there's word that's starting to make the matter sound undecided. Sort through the mess of clues and conflicting statements with us inside.
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Why A Venom Movie Without Spider-Man Ties Won't Work
There are plenty of reasons why it would be a bad idea for Sony's upcoming Venom movie not to have any connections to Spider-Man.
The Main Reason Charlie Hunnam Wants No Part Of Superhero Films
If you're a major Hollywood star and your agent hasn't thrown at least a couple possible comic roles your way, you should probably fire your agent. At least, that's if you're not Charlie Hunnam. In his case, that agent would get a raise, and the reason why is inside.
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The Flash’s New Justice League Footage Is Charged With Excitement
Following in Aquaman and Batman's footsteps, The Flash now has his own Justice League trailer teaser!
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Why Dax Shepard Originally Didn't Want To Cast Kristen Bell In CHIPS
The characters played by Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell in CHIPS don't exactly have the loveliest of relationships. While he is doing what he can to try and repair their marriage and win back her affection; she truly treats him like garbage and cheats on him regularly.
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Power Rangers Just Dropped A Major Hint About The Franchise's Future
The Power Rangers marketing team just dropped a major hint about what's coming for the franchise. SPOILERS ahead!
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Riz Ahmed Was Apparently Supposed To Play A Different Character In Rogue One
Riz Ahmed was originally supposed to play a completely different character in Rogue One. Get the details ahead!
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Exactly What Is Going On With Carrie Fisher In Star Wars 8, According To Bob Iger
Bob Iger has finally clarified what's going to happen with Carrie Fisher's Leia Organa in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
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The Hilarious Way Nicolas Cage Convinced Laura Dern To Join Jurassic Park
Of all the Jurassic Park stories in the world, this one is among the funniest. No really.
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Batman's New Justice League Footage Is Intense And Shows Off The Batmobile
Batman's Justice League teaser is suitably brooding and features some kickass Batmobile action. Check it out!
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10 Awesome Movies You Need To Watch Before They Leave Netflix In April
Check out the list of titles leaving Netflix Streaming through the month of April. Though you might want to do so quickly, as there's only so much time left in March.
How The Peanuts Comic Strip Inspired Woody Harrelson’s Wilson
Daniel Clowes has revealed that the legendary Peanuts comic strip was his original inspiration for _Wilson. _
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One Big Change The Power Rangers Cast Wants To Make To A Classic Character
The Power Rangers cast recently told CinemaBlend that they want to see a notable change made to a classic Power Rangers character, and it's guaranteed to polarize fans.
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What The Han Solo Movie Is Actually About
We have finally have an official inkling about what next year's Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie will be about.
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