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6 Classic Star Trek Villains Idris Elba Should Play
We love the idea of Idris Elba playing the villain in Star Trek 3, and we even have some ideas about who he should play.
Idris Elba Brent McKnight 2015-03-25
Star Trek 3 May Pick Idris Elba For A Major Villain Role
Star Trek 3 is placed in a quandary. How does it up the villain ante after Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan in Into Darkness? How about with Idris Elba?
Idris Elba Nick Romano 2015-03-25
Spring Breakers Director's Next Film The Trap Has Built An All-Star Cast
Harmony Korine's next film The Trap has assembled an all-star cast in the shape of Idris Elba, Robert Pattinson, James Franco and Al Pacino.
Idris Elba Gregory Wakeman 2015-03-25
The Real Reason Most Producers Don't Want To Work With Netflix
While Netflix is quickly changing the business model when it comes to the distribution of films and television shows, producers are finding that a business partnership with Netflix can sometimes be a poisoned gift. And yes, it’s due to the ever-critical variable of money.
Idris Elba Joseph Baxter 2015-03-19
Four Major Theater Chains Are Boycotting Idris Elba's Latest Film, Here's Why
Director Cary Fukunaga's latest project Beasts of No Nation, starring Idris Elba, will make its theater debut sometime later this year. If you plan on seeing it on the big screen, however, you'd better hope you live near an arthouse theater as four major theater chains are now boycotting the film.
Idris Elba William Fanelli 2015-03-04
Pierce Brosnan Wants One Of These Two Actors To Be The Next James Bond
Brosnan throws out two potential replacements for the spy with a license to kill should Daniel Craig be looking for an exit clause to his secret agent contract.
Idris Elba Sean O'Connell 2015-02-17
Edgar Allan Poe Battling Demonic Forces? This New Trilogy Sounds Badass
Renown poet Edgar Allan Poe as a demon-fighting, Constantine-like, alcohol-consumed figure trying to cope with the death of his wife? Sounds like something Keanu Reeves or Nic Cage would think about getting involved in, but it turns out this is Idris Elba’s next big movie project that’ll keep him busy for some time.
Idris Elba Nick Romano 2015-01-13
How Idris Elba Addressed His Rumored James Bond Role
Rumor has it that Idris Elba is in the running for the next James bond, and while many fans are thrilled at the prospect, others have played the race card, insisting that there is no way Elba fits the role. Elba has now addressed the rumor.
Idris Elba Catarina Cowden 2014-12-27
Here's How Much Idris Elba Hated Shooting Thor 2
Is Elba wrong about the process? No. I’ve been on enough movie sets to know that building a massive world like Asgard – or any component of the Marvel universe – is a grueling task. But if Elba finds it so torturous, don’t do it.
Idris Elba Sean O'Connell 2014-11-05
How Joss Whedon Feels About Spoilers
Fans of the "big screen experience," the folks over at Marvel Studios are big on secrets and down on spoilers. Unfortunately, though, movie-goers tend to be so excited for their films the special details still constantly find their way out to the public. It's a part of the blockbuster movie industry at this point, but that doesn't mean Avengers: Age of Ultron writer/director Joss Whedon isn't still disappointed whenever it happens.
Idris Elba Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-04
This Beloved Marvel Villain Is Confirmed For The Avengers 2
The charm of Marvel Studios' Avengers movies is that they are actively bringing together a number of different franchises. The upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, however, needs to step up that game - in true sequel fashion - and that means ever more inner-connectivity and even more characters. Which is what brings us to this news...
Idris Elba Eric Eisenberg 2014-11-02
Nic Cage Snuck Off The Ghost Rider Set To Sleep In The Scariest Place Possible
Elba shared a story from the set of 2011's Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, in which he appeared opposite the one and only Nic Cage. It turns out the premise of many a hackneyed sitcom is just how Cage lives his life:
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2014-09-22
How No Good Deed Used Savvy Choose-Your-Own Adventure Games To Win Box Office
Screen Gems and Sony made savvy use of its stars, Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, asking them to tweet to entice fans to see No Good Deed. It might seem a simple thing, but analysts say this minimal effort made the $13 million thriller a big and almost instant hit.
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2014-09-15
Finding Dory Will Feature An Awesome The Wire Reunion
Dominic West has confirmed that he will voice a character in Finding Dory alongside his fellow star of The Wire, Idris Elba. The two actors join the likes of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres, Dianne Keaton, Willem Dafoe, Alison Janney, Ty Burrell and Kaitlin Olson each of whom have already be announced for the hugely anticipated sequel. Finding Dory will finally hit cinemas in 2016, and will revolve around Dory's quest to reunited with her family.
Idris Elba Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-11
Idris Elba Looking To Reunite With Guy Ritchie For King Arthur Adventure
If you drooled over Guy Ritchie's flashy adaptation Sherlock Holmes, be prepared to thrill over his next re-imagination of an English icon with Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur. Casting of the adventure has begun with a bang as Idris Elba is eyed for a role.
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2014-07-21
Idris Elba In Talks To Join Jon Favreau's Jungle Book As Shere Khan
In the battle between the two in-development Jungle Book adaptations, it looks like Jon Favreau's has bested Ron Howard's in being the first to add to add an actor to the cast.Idris Elba is now in final negotiations to take the role of Shere Khan, the film's central villain in Favreau's take over at Disney.
Idris Elba Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-06
Idris Elba And Noomi Rapace Reunite For Alive Alone
Elba will headline as Jamal, a taxi driver who was previously a detainee at Guantanamo Bay. For her part, Rapace will portray Sarah, a sex worker who meets Jamal while fleeing from the merciless crime boss, Murphy, who Worthington is set to play. Sounding a little like Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, this cabbie and prostitute find an unexpected solace in each other's company
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2014-02-10
Idris Elba Will Try To Stop Terrorists In Bastille Day
You’ve seen lovers come together on Valentine’s Day, Bill Murray’s life loop around itself in Groundhog Day, and sorority girls get slashed in Black Christmas. And now comes the day of remembrance movie you’ve all been waiting for: Bastille Day. Okay, so it’s more of a terrorist thriller than it is a holiday extravaganza, but we’re still pretty excited, because Idris Elba will be sitting at the head of the table having signed on to lead the film.
Idris Elba Nick Venable 2013-11-11
Idris Elba Rumored To Face Dinosaurs In Jurassic World
The past week has seen quite a bit of casting news, with some of the child actors signing on, and Josh Brolin starting negotiations to star. Brolin and the previously cast Bryce Dallas Howard will surely be joined by at least two or three more well-known names, seeing as how this is sure to be one of the biggest movies of 2015, and gigantic blockbusters are no stranger to British actor Idris Elba, who is rumored to be in talks with Universal and director Colin Trevorrow to join the film.
Idris Elba Nick Venable 2013-10-21
Idris Elba Plans To Bring Luther To The Big Screen
the Golden Globe-winning series that recently revealed its third and final season is being translated into a film that should appeal to fans of the series as well as those who haven’t yet come across it. (Those poor bastards!)
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2013-08-28
Idris Elba Incites A Revolution In Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom Trailer
Mandela soon became an international symbol for political justice and determination, and watching Elba say, “My lord, it is not I but the government that should plead guilty,” I find myself wanting to stand up on a soapbox and preach a peaceful message to this huge cast of extras.
Idris Elba Nick Venable 2013-07-19
Idris Elba Is Nelson Mandela In Long Walk To Freedom Teaser Trailer
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom will follow Nelson Mandela's story from his childhood in the village of Mvezo to his history-making ascent to the presidency of South Africa in 1994. Speaking to its themes, the newly released UK teaser quotes Mandela's book...
Idris Elba Kristy Puchko 2013-07-12
Idris Elba On Finding A Zen-Like State In Pacific Rim
With Pacific Rim in theaters on Friday, earlier this week I had the great opportunity to speak with the star about his latest film. Read on to find out how he made sure to make his character standout amongst all of the CGI, balancing his career between film and television, and how it was del Toro that really attracted him to the project in the first place.
Idris Elba Eric Eisenberg 2013-07-11
Idris Elba May Join Sean Penn And Javier Bardem In The Gunman
When it was first announced that Sean Penn would be starring in a new action movie from the director of Taken called Prone Gunman, it sounded like a fairly funny idea. Recent developments, however, have changed our outlook on the project entirely. Last week we learned that Oscar-winner Javier Bardem had signed on for a role in the movie, which also underwent a title change (it's now called The Gunman).
Idris Elba Eric Eisenberg 2013-06-13
Idris Elba Demands Your Oscar Attention As Nelson Mandela In Long Walk To Freedom
The film will be directed by Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl) from a screenplay by William Nicholson. It will bite off a large chunk of Mandela’s life story, starting with his childhood in South Africa and tracing the man’s steps all the way to his election as the first black president of South Africa in 1994.
Idris Elba Sean O'Connell 2013-05-20
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