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Hollywood's Actually Making A Movie About Seattle's Unusual Up House
We're getting another Up movie, but it's not exactly what you think. While the beloved Pixar film seemed too emotional to be true, there’s a famous house in Seattle that shared a similar story, and it’s that house that’s getting made into a movie next.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-08-25
Explosive Lawsuit Accuses Disney, DreamWorks And More Of Shady Business
There’s a natural friction between employers and employees when it comes to wages. Most companies want to pay less. Most people want to make more. It’s a healthy tension that works to slowly push wages up, at least if the better employees have the option of moving to rival companies.
Pixar Mack Rawden 2015-08-22
The Lesson Ellen DeGeneres Wants Pixar Fans To Take Away From Finding Dory
Finding Dory isn't just going to be nautical fun and frolics with Nemo, Marlin and everyones favorite blue tang. Nope, there's going to be a lesson in there too. Brilliant.
Pixar Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-21
Toy Story 4 Is Definitely Bringing Back At Least One Fan Favorite
We don't know a ton about Toy Story 4 yet, but we just learned that when the beloved animated series returns to movie theaters, it will bring at least one favorite supporting player along for the ride.
Pixar Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-17
Pixar's Dia De Los Muertos Movie Reveals Title And Plot Details
For those of us who grew up with Pixar, we attribute many of the early lessons we learned about life – be it friendship, love, or family – to the morals imbued in their animated features. New details have emerged about Pixar’s new movie, and they seem primed to continue that tradition.
Pixar Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-08-16
The Good Dinosaur Reveals A Closer Look At The Impressive T-Rex Trio
2015 is the greatest year that has ever happened because it’s the first year that will include two Pixar feature films. After the awesomeness that was Inside Out we’re even more excited for The Good Dinosaur this fall.
Pixar Dirk Libbey 2015-08-15
Inside Out Short: Riley's First Date Is Funny And Charming
A brand new short film titled Riley’s First Date?, is going to be included with the Blu-ray and DVD release of Inside Out. This means that most people won’t get their chance to see it until November, but that group doesn’t include attendees at the animation presentation at the D23 Expo this afternoon.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-15
The Good Dinosaur Is Already Looking Like A Real Tearjerker
This summer, Pixar proved once again that they really know how to make an audience cry. Inside Out is an absolutely wonderful and emotional piece of work, and on multiple occasions invites movie-goers to just start bawling. Judging by the footage we saw earlier today, Peter Sohn’s The Good Dinosaur may wind up having a similar effect when it comes out later this year.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-15
Finding Dory D23 Footage Reveals Plot Details And A New Character
Pixar has released a number of incredibly successful movies over the years, but few rival the power of Andrew Stanton's Finding Nemo. It was inevitable that they would eventually be getting around to a sequel, and now they finally are with 2016’s Finding Dory. This is old news, but what’s new is that today I got to see a selection of scenes from the upcoming blockbuster.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-08-15
Toy Story 4 Will Have Woody And Buzz Searching For An Old Friend
Some interesting details are finally emerging about the anticipated Toy Story followup. After learning that Toy Story 4 would involve a love story between the beloved cowboy toy Woody, it now sounds as though an adventure is in story for Woody and his trusted space ranger pal.
Pixar Kelly West 2015-08-15
Finding Dory Just Introduced A Bunch Of New, Awesome Characters
We haven't heard too much about Pixar's upcoming Finding Dory, but the animation studio just revealed a crazy collection of new characters who will figure into the story of Ellen DeGeneres' daft but sweet amnesiac fish.
Pixar Brent McKnight 2015-08-15
What Toy Story 4 Will Actually Be About
John Lasseter is down to direct Toy Story 4, though it won’t be in theaters until June 16, 2017. For true love between the toys, we’re willing to wait!
Pixar Sean O'Connell 2015-08-14
Pixar's Inside Out Characters Will Be Back A Lot Sooner Than You Thought
With the critical and financial success of Pixar's latest venture, it was a given that we'd be seeing more from the characters of Inside Out, but as it turns out, we'll get to hang out with Joy and the rest of the emotions sooner than we thought.
Pixar Brent McKnight 2015-08-13
There's A Wild Monsters Inc Theory That Involves Sully Being Turned Into A Toilet Seat Cover
Pixar has as much history in making people cry as Disney does, but this latest sob fest takes the cake. Read on, and remember our dear friend well.
Pixar Mike Reyes 2015-08-12
Pixar's The Incredibles Ripped To Shreds In A Vicious New Video
Pixar has created some of the most popular, beloved animated features in recent memories, but that doesn't mean some don't find fault with these films, and a new video takes The Incredibles to task.
Pixar Brent McKnight 2015-07-31
Full Good Dinosaur Trailer Boasts Wild Animals And Prehistoric Wonder
2014 was the worst year ever. Why? Because it had no Pixar movie. That, however, has gone on to make 2015 the best year ever, with two Pixar movies, and we finally have a real look at The Good Dinosaur.
Pixar Dirk Libbey 2015-07-21
What Inside Out Taught Amy Poehler About Her Own Emotions
Besides providing colorful personalities, the emotions of Pixar’s Inside Out have proven to be surprisingly poignant depictions of the human psyche. For Amy Poehler, the dynamic has actually become an inspiration to the array of emotions incited by life.
Pixar Joseph Baxter 2015-07-20
Funny Pixar Parody Mocks The Upper Middle Class Problems Of Inside Out
Pixar’s Inside Out introduced us to Riley, a young girl forced to uproot her life and move to the dreary, less colorful San Francisco with her mom and dad. Critics and audiences responded extremely well to the latest from the animation giant, but according to one parody, all of her problems are not really problems.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-07-06
Pixar Changed One Inside Out Scene Because It Was Devastatingly Sad
In typical Pixar fashion, Inside Out showcases the pastel-colored veneer of bright-eyed optimism to cover some seriously sad, often dark themes. However, according to one cast member, one scene, in particular had to be altered because it was too bleakly melancholic and bitter for even Pixar!
Pixar Joseph Baxter 2015-07-01
Pixar Has A New Foodie Easter Egg That Appears In Multiple Films
Despite Pixar’s rather unconventional approach to its new feature, Inside Out, there are a number of things that cement its place in the studio’s colorful continuity. Notable among those features: Chinese takeout containers.
Pixar Joseph Baxter 2015-06-29
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