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Watch The Cool Pixar Animated Sequence Brad Bird Cut Out Of Tomorrowland
It seems that an intended key piece of exposition from Tomorrowland in an animated sequence from Pixar was actually cut from the film. Now, that scene jumps from the cutting room floor to see the light of day online. Check it out in all its humanitarian glory!
Pixar Joseph Baxter 2015-05-26
6 Huge Things We Learned At Pixar About Inside Out
In going inside Inside Out, we headed to Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, California, to speak with Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and the team of animators and technicians who made this vision a reality. Here are some of the biggest takeaways to know before the film hits theaters on June 19.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-05-26
Pixar's The Good Dinosaur Asks A Very Cool What If When It Comes To Extinction
We all know the story. We learn as children how the dinosaurs roamed the planet until an asteroid hit the Earth, which eventually led to the global extinction of some of the most fascinating creatures that have ever lived.
Pixar Dirk Libbey 2015-05-20
Finding Dory Will Not Be A Prequel, Get The Details
The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing and among the various offerings afforded to press was a look at the upcoming Pixar and Walt Disney Animation slates. When it comes to Finding Dory, the Pixar chief creative officer confirmed that this film is not a prequel and will continue the story of the clown fish Marlin and the amnesiac Dory.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-05-20
Pixar And Disney Animation Are Working Really Hard To Be Diverse
For some time, Disney animation has come under fire as being the complete opposite of diverse with their animated characters. While films like Pocahontas and The Princess And The Frog have helped add some much needed weight on the other side of the scales, the canon of Disney characters have been, for the most part, white protagonists.
Pixar Mike Reyes 2015-05-19
Reaction To Pixar's Inside Out Is Glowing, Read A Sampling
It sounds like Inside Out will be a full-blown – and welcome – assault on our tear ducts. It opens in theaters on June 19, and we will have our full review on the site closer to that date.
Pixar Sean O'Connell 2015-05-18
Is Pixar's Pizza Truck In The Incredibles Or Not? Here's What Brad Bird Says
Some of you may have already known this, but there is one particular element of The Incredibles that actually separates it from every other movie that Pixar has produced: it's the only one without a visible Pizza Planet truck. But is it actually in the film? It turns out that even the director doesn't actually know.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-12
Incredibles 2 Will Be Next For Brad Bird
It was in March of last year that Pixar finally announced that they were developing The Incredibles 2 as one of their upcoming projects - but what was left unclear was exactly when we can expect the sequel to be released. Well, if new comments from Incredibles director Brad Bird are any indication, it might be coming very soon.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-10
Inside Out Gets Big Laughs And Tears At CinemaCon
The year 2015 should be a rather big one for the folks at Pixar. But while The Good Dinosaur won’t be hitting theaters until the fall, today saw the first ever screening of Inside Out for attendees at the annual theater owners expo known as CinemaCon.
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-04-22
Wow, Furious 7 Mashes Up Perfectly With Pixar's Cars
We’ve seen our fair share of mash-ups of Cars and the Fast and Furious movies, but the latest one to hit the web takes the cake.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-04-21
Pixar’s First Full Inside Out Clip Shows The Emotions Getting Ready For School
What goes on inside your head during your first day at a new school? Pixar’s Inside Out answers that question with a brand new clip from the film.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-04-16
John Lasseter's Bright Idea Helped Make Inside Out A Better Pixar Movie
Inside Out is like nothing you’ve ever seen before from a Pixar movie, and that’s in part because of its animation. If it wasn’t for Mr. John Lasseter, Inside Out might not have ended up with this unique style.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-04-06
Pixar's Inside Out Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen
How do you create something that’s familiar and relatable, but has never been seen before? That was the task director Pete Docter set out to accomplish with his next Pixar movie, Inside Out.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-04-06
Incredibles 2: What We Know So Far
News of The Incredibles 2 first broke in March of 2014, as Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger announced that the sequel was in development, but what exactly can we expect to see in the new movie?
Pixar Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-26
Why The Phrase 'Toy Story' Was Removed From Toy Story
You never actually hear the phrase "toy story" said in Toy Story, and in a roundabout way, Penn Jillette made that happen.
Pixar Brent McKnight 2015-03-18
Watch Everything Wrong With Finding Nemo In This Brutal Video
Finding Nemo is widely regarded as one of Pixar’s most heartfelt and popular movies - so much so that anyone who ever even dares to dismiss or chastise it is usually immediately met with a round of deafening boos. But that’s never stopped the posse over at Cinema Sins from turning on a film and picking apart its every little mistake.
Pixar Gregory Wakeman 2015-03-17
Pixar’s Inside Out Trailer Finally Lays Out The Heartwarming Story
Disney and Pixar unleased an all-new Inside Out trailer that finally details what we can expect from this unique adventure. We've already met the setting, a young girl named Riley, and her emotions. But what actually is going on inside her head? Watch what happens when the most important emotion gets lost in the dark recesses of the brain.
Pixar Nick Romano 2015-03-10
Is Toy Story 4 Going To Feature Woody Or Buzz Lightyear?
According to a recent statement from Pixar President Jim Morris, fans should not expect the upcoming fourquel to be direct follow-up to the last film. The studio head even implies that the film may not even feature the franchise’s key protagonists, Woody or Buzz Lightyear!
Pixar Joseph Baxter 2015-03-05
Finding Dory: What We Know So Far
Pixar’s summer release in 2016 will take audiences back into the water with everyone’s favorite forgetful fish. Finding Dory will reach theaters 12 years (!!) after 2003’s Finding Nemo introduced us to a nervous clown fish, his suffocated son, and the amnesic blue tang fish that helped them on their rescue mission.
Pixar Sean O'Connell 2015-02-27
The 20 Best Movies On YouTube
Believe it or not, YouTube has some quality films hiding within its walls... and some of them are even free to watch! Here's a list of 20 prime candidates that you might want to bookmark before the next Winter Storm/Sick Day.
Pixar Mike Reyes 2015-02-27
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