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Naomi Watts To Play Bill Murray's Russian Prostitute In St. Vincent De Van Nuys
In St. Vincent De Van Nuys, the new dramedy from writer/director Ted Melfi, Bill Murray plays a cantankerous old man who is charged with taking care of a 12-year-old kid and introduces the young child to all kinds of horrible habits and terrible life lessons.
St. Vincent De Van Nuys Eric Eisenberg 2013-04-22
Chris O'Dowd Could Join Bill Murray And Melissa McCarthy In St. Vincent De Van Nuys
McCarthy, who co-starred with ODowd on Paul Feigs Bridesmaids, would play a hard-working single mother who hands her child over to a cantankerous old man (Murray) to watch over him while she slaves away at her various jobs.
St. Vincent De Van Nuys Sean O'Connell 2013-03-22
Bill Murray Could Star In St. Vincent De Van Nuys
The dramedy is described as a coming-of-age tale about a 12-year-old who watches his parents go through a divorce. During this time he befriends and gets to know his next door neighbor, an elderly man who is a "war veteran whose life mainly consists of drinking, gambling and prostitute." As spend more time together the younger begins to see the elder as a mentor. For a while it was rumored that Jack Nicholson would play the part that Murray is in talks for.
St. Vincent De Van Nuys Eric EIsenberg 2012-07-30
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