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Black Panther May Bring Two Familiar Marvel Characters Back For Its Story
Black Panther has yet to announce any of its characters outside of (of course) Chadwick Boseman reprising T’Challa. Now a casting call list has made its way online, and among the folks mentioned are two familiar faces from the MCU.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-24
One Big Black Panther Rumor Just Got Shot Down, And We're Bummed
Don't get too excited, because it seems that one major Black Panther casting rumor seems to have been shot down.
black panther Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-19
John Boyega May Be Meeting About A Marvel Movie, Here's What We Know
John Boyega is keeping busy right now with the Star Wars movies, but his adventures in a galaxy far, far away may not be the only major franchise he gets to participate in. There are now rumblings that he could be in talks to join a Marvel movie.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-18
How Marvel Will Help The Black Panther Movie Feel Authentic And Different
Now that T’Challa has been introduced in Captain America: Civil War, fans are looking forward to seeing him on his action in Black Panther. Here’s one step the movie will take to make the story feel more authentic.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-17
6 Bold Changes Marvel Needs To Make During Phase 3
Generally speaking, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a stellar job creating a shared continuity for dozens of characters to share. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement.
black panther Dirk Libbey 2016-05-17
Why Ryan Coogler Is Excited To Direct Black Panther At This Point In His Career
Creating a movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a unique endeavor. While each movie is made no differently than any other, they also have to fit within the greater universe that the previous films have created.
black panther Dirk Libbey 2016-05-17
Will Bucky Appear In The Black Panther Movie? Here's What We Know
Could Bucky wind up seeing some action in the Black Panther film? Read on to see what the word on the street is, and why this may or ma not be a good idea.
black panther Mike Reyes 2016-05-17
Avengers 3: Everything We Know About Infinity War
In Avengers 3 everything we’ve seen so far in the comic book movie world has been building towards an epic big screen battle against the alien warlord known as Thanos. It's called the Infinity War and Marvel will split it into two parts.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-16
Hero Blend #91: The Consequences Of Captain America: Civil War (Spoilers Edition!)
SPOILER WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. If you have not yet seen the film, you may want to stay away from this Hero Blend episode, and check out another one of our wonderful articles.
black panther Eric Eisenberg 2016-05-14
Michael B. Jordan Joins Black Panther, Here's What We Know
Black Panther is already looking to have some great talent behind it, and Ryan Coogler has brought in his frequent collaborator Michael B. Jordan into the upcoming super hero epic.
black panther Matt Wood 2016-05-13
5 Black Panther Characters Lupita Nyong'o Could Be Playing
Yesterday it was reported that The Jungle Book’s Lupita Nyong'o is in talks to join Black Panther. Here are the top 5 candidates we think she might play in the February 2018 blockbuster.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-13
The X-Men Star Who Is Begging For A Marvel Crossover Movie
Despite the Marvel divide between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, that can’t stop people from imagining movies featuring both sides in the same world, and this star wants to see two particular heroes unite on the big screen.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-13
Captain America: Civil War Ending - Where Each Marvel Hero Now Stands In The MCU
What the ending of Captain America: Civil War means for all of your favorite Marvel heroes going forward in the MCU.
black panther Conner Schwerdtfeger 2016-05-13
How Captain America: Civil War's End Credits Scene Cemented Black Panther's Growth
The world of Black Panther is ready for the viewing public to explore, and thanks to Captain America: Civil War, the foundation has been laid. Read on to find out how the mid-credits scene of Cap's latest adventure has helped develop T'Challa's character.
black panther Mike Reyes 2016-05-13
Black Panther May Add Lupita Nyong'o In A Key Role
Now that Black Panther is less than two years from release, it was expected that casting information would start to come out, and today brings news that Lupita Nyong’o might join in this role.
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-12
Captain America's New Avengers And How They Could Affect The Marvel Cinematic Universe
The ending of Captain America: Civil War resulted in a major shift for the Avengers, and not just with the two sides battling each other. Warning: major spoilers are ahead!
black panther Adam Holmes 2016-05-09
Here's What's Happening In The Captain America: Civil War Mid-Credits Sequence
SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers about the end of Captain America: Civil War, particularly the events of the movie’s mid-credits sequence. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t wish to know any details before hand, please click away to another one of our wonderful articles!
black panther Eric Eisenberg 2016-05-06
Watch Marvel's Awesome Black Panther Video To Get A Crash Course On The Mysterious Hero
Marvel have just released a very handy video to help out those of you that don't know anything about Black Panther.
black panther Gregory Wakeman 2016-05-05
What Language Black Panther Is Actually Speaking In Captain America: Civil War
What African language does Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther speak in Captain America: Civil War? Have a click inside to find out.
black panther Gregory Wakeman 2016-05-05
Black Panther Movie: What We Know So Far
After decades of playing an important role in the history of Marvel Comics, Black Panther is finally getting his day on the big screen. Captain America: Civil War marks the character’s first live-action adaptation, and as part of the unfolding Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he will soon be at the center of his very own solo movie.
black panther Eric Eisenberg 2016-05-04
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