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A Fight Between AMC And A Small Movie Theater That Could Have Big Ramifications
A lawsuit alleging conspiracy against the nation's largest movie theater chain just took a huge step forward.
movie theaters Brent McKnight 2015-03-25
Movie Theaters May Bounce Back In A Really Big Way In 2015
Despite dwindling movie ticket sales last year in light of more eclectic streaming options and illegal downloads, it looks like theaters will be able to bounce back from this.
movie theaters Nick Romano 2015-02-23
Movie Theaters Are Quietly Making A Fortune On Popcorn
While it is true that ticket numbers aren’t exactly on the general upswing, theaters actually are not exactly in the red just yet. Why? Because of that delicious, butter-covered crunching concoction we mindlessly shovel into our faces while enjoying the flicks.
movie theaters Joseph Baxter 2015-02-19
The Real Reason People Don't Go To The Movies, According To Research
There’s been a significant decline in movie theater attendance, as seen in the numbers for this past year. As we reported earlier, 2014 reached a 20-year low, which is not good. While we all had our inklings as to the culprit, new research has been released to confirm our suspicions: crazy high movie prices are to blame.
movie theaters Nick Romano 2015-01-14
The Long-Term Movie Attendance Graph Is Really, Really Depressing
Less and less people are going out to the movies, and the number of moviegoers hit a record low this year in North America, the lowest it has been in two decades. But, unfortunately low attendance has become almost expected in our modern age.
movie theaters Catarina Cowden 2015-01-03
4 Big Reasons People Aren't Going To The Movies Anymore
The numbers are in and 2014 shows an incredibly low number of people going to the movies in North America. But, going to the movie theaters has been a popular pastime since 1894, so what's changed?
movie theaters Catarina Cowden 2015-01-01
The 2014 Movie Attendance Figures Are Brutal
While theater chains and studios continue to utilize different tactics to draw in more audiences, streaming and On-Demand services have become more varied and exciting. Predictably, movie theater attendance has been on the decline, but few were expecting the record low of 2014.
movie theaters Nick Romano 2015-01-01
Are Movie Theater Chains Mad At Sony?
In case you didn't already realize, the whole distribution situation involving Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's The Interview has been a bit of a mess. Given the way things have turned out, one might think that the major theater chains might be a bit miffed about how everything worked out - but apparently there's a bit of debate going on surrounding that subject.
movie theaters Eric Eisenberg 2014-12-24
Uh Oh! Even Fewer Young People Than We Thought Are Going To The Movies
It looks like the age of social media and video streaming is costing movie theaters some of their usual attendees.
movie theaters Catarina Cowden 2014-12-12
Some Movie Theaters Will Allow Text Messages To Appear On The Screen
The idea behind the “bullet screens” grows from the fact that younger Chinese audience members tend to watch movies on handheld devices instead of big screens, and they routinely comment via SMS text messages while viewing.
movie theaters Sean O'Connell 2014-08-19
Canadian Movie Chain Looking To Start Charging Extra For Middle Seats
Unless you go to a cinema that has assigned seating, there's a pretty good chance that you follow common movie theater etiquette, which is basically its own special twist on "first come, first served." If a person goes to a movie theater extra early, they've earned the right to sit wherever they like - presumably right square in the middle. If a person is late to a screening, it's nobody's fault but their own that they have to sit in the front row and crane their neck.
movie theaters Eric Eisenberg 2014-05-15
Average Movie Theater Ticket Price Dropped This Year
That doesn’t mean that Hollywood is going to start cutting you deep discounts at the movie theater… particularly with the summer blockbuster season breathing down our necks. In fact, in the same study released by NATO, it was revealed that that average ticket price from year to year had gone up 0.3 perfect – or from $7.94 in first quarter of 2013 to $7.96 in the first quarter of 2014.
movie theaters Sean O'Connell 2014-04-21
Are These Really The 20 Best Movie Theaters In The World?
In the latest issue of Men’s Journal, a list of “The Top 20 Movie Theaters In The World” has been created. The selections range from California to the Cinémathèque Française in Paris, France. And the No. 1 theater to top their list?
movie theaters Sean O'Connell 2014-04-16
Personal Electronics May Have A Bright, Unwelcome Future In Cinemas
According to Steve Weinstein, chief technology officer at Deluxe Entertainment Services, theater owners might soon be giving into the ever mounting pressure to let patrons use their cell phones or tablets. Why? Because according to Weinstein, "The second screen in theaters, it’s just an inevitability. How did the audience react to such a suggestion?
movie theaters Mike Reyes 2014-04-07
Key Movie Theater Executive Admits He Preferred To Watch 12 Years A Slave On DVD
This explanation was couched in an approval of the intensity and performance of modern theaters, the state-of-the-art technology creating a you-are-there feeling that the home market cannot beat. And in this case, it’s perfect for taking you to Asgard in Thor: The Dark World. But the slave-era South? No, the theater cannot contain that. Keep it fantastical guys. The theater just can’t pull that off.
movie theaters Gabe Toro 2014-03-26
Movie Theaters To Test A Discount Plan For Cheaper Tickets One Day A Week
Would you go to the movies more if it were cheaper? I would. I've been and continue to be a movie fan, but in this day of digital downloads, Redbox and Netflix, I can get a pretty steady fix of great films (not to mention great television) for substantially cheaper than what it costs to go to the theater.
movie theaters Kelly West 2014-03-26
Don't Wear Google Glass Inside A Movie Theater Or Homeland Security Will Show Up
If you see something, say something. That’s what the federal government wants you to do when it comes to possible terrorist activities, and that’s what the studios want theater owners to do when it comes to possible piracy activities. In theory, such proactive behavior can stop illegal behavior in progress.
movie theaters Mack Rawden 2014-01-22
5 Fascinating Things About Moviegoers A Comprehensive Poll Just Told Us
The fine folks over at Harris might be best known for their polling work during the lead-up to election season, but the company actually works year round, gauging public opinion on a wide variety of issues. This week, they decided to tackle the movie industry and more specifically, why people are or are not venturing out to the theater.
movie theaters Mack Rawden 2014-01-14
Eating Popcorn Makes You Immune To Movie Theater Ads
The Journal of Consumer Psychology has uncovered a surprising side effect to noshing on popcorn during the barrage of advertisements that play before movies in theaters. According to the study, eating popcorn can make viewers more resistant to the effects of pre-show marketing.
movie theaters Kristy Puchko 2013-10-16
Why A Trip To The Theater Isn't Like It Used To Be
The grandeur seems to have left the building, so to speak. Theaters used to be built to impress anyone who walked through the doors. Since the buildings were tall anyway, it was a great spot for lavish decoration. Draped pillars, wide carpeted staircases, marble floors. Going to see a movie about a faraway land? Might as well walk through some expensive-looking shit first.
movie theaters Nick Venable 2013-08-14
Theater Owners Want To Limit Trailers To Two Minutes Long
NATO’s board has proposed a series of “guidelines” that would give theater owners more control over what they show in their theater, claiming frequent customer complaints that trailers are too long and that too much of the plot is given away.
movie theaters Nick Venable 2013-05-29
Ninjas Force London's Rude Moviegoers To Shut Up
If you're like me, you're hoping there is a special circle of hell for people that talk, play with their phone, or seem otherwise deadest on being a distraction at the movie theater. These people generally show so little concern for their fellow moviegoer that it can be dizzying if not rage-inducing
movie theaters Kristy Puchko 2012-09-17
Man Sues AMC Movie Theater Over High Cost Of Snacks
I can’t imagine there are many movie-goers out there who think the price of snacks at the concession stand are remotely reasonable. Sure, we’re all probably used to shelling out what could amount to more than the cost of a movie ticket for popcorn and a soda, but “reasonable” doesn’t seem like an adjective fitting to the cost. While skipping the concession stand is the obvious way to avoid being ripped off, a man in Michigan is taking the issue to court.
movie theaters Kelly West 2012-03-06
Red Band Rant: Why Movie Popcorn Is The Worst
We now live in a world where music exists in a cloud and shampoo can be purchased at the same store as a Blu-Ray. That smells like success to me. Unfortunately, despite all these technological wonders, every time I go to the movies it still reeks like Orville Redenbacher firehosed cheap butter and salt in all directions
movie theaters Mack Rawden 2011-08-29
Movie Ticket Prices Continue To Go Up Despite Shrinking Audiences
It was less than 20 years ago that you could go to a movie theater, take a five dollar bill out of your wallet and go to a movie. Albeit not adjusted for inflation, the average ticket price in 1998 was $4.69 and today that number has gone up to an estimated $7.97. Movie prices have been inflating since 1993, but what's really strange about it is that it seems to run completely contrary to the movie theater business plan
movie theaters Eric Eisenberg 2011-08-01
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