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The Saw Re-Release Bombed On An Historic Level, Here's Why
While Saw was hoping to celebrate its tenth anniversary on Halloween, instead it mourned. Find out why Jigsaw's return bombed huge, and why a new film isn't exactly the best idea.
saw Mike Reyes 2014-11-03
Every Single Saw Movie, Ordered By Greatness
We got to thinking about just how well the series held up in its seven film run. Which means it's our chance to turn the tables on Jigsaw and judge his works based on our own form of bias and vengeance.
saw Mike Reyes 2014-10-31
The First Saw Just Got A Middle Finger In The Form Of This Honest Trailer
Saw turns ten years old this Halloween! To commemorate the occasion, Screen Junkies decided to handcraft a fitting present: a video forcing the franchise to own up to its faults, or to die on the vine. Let the games begin!
saw Mike Reyes 2014-10-29
Saw Producers Have Huge Plans For The Next Movie, Get The Specifics
Jigsaw looks like he might be coming back to theaters in a brand new adventure. At least that's what two of the producers of the famed Saw franchise have to say. Read on to see who else might be coming back to take punishment to a new level.
saw Mike Reyes 2014-10-16
Here's How Saw And Its Fans Plan To Celebrate The Film's 10th Anniversary
A new trailer and poster have been released to mark the 10th anniversary of Saw. James Wan’s iconic 2004 horror film saw Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw Killer chain Cary Elwes’ Lawrence and Leigh Whannell’s Adam into a dilapidated industrial bathroom and then explain that one of them has to kill the other in order to escape. Despite its cult status, Saw also helped to kick-start one of the worst movie franchises in history, as well as the term “torture porn.”
saw Gregory Wakeman 2014-09-30
The Saw Series May Already Be Coming Back To Life
I’m a huge fan of the first film, and an armchair fan of the sequels in general, so I’m neither surprised nor particularly angry about this decision. BD mentions “rumblings of a remake,” though the bulk of their insiders say the goal is to further the existing iteration of the story. A reboot would indeed bring me to the breaking point of my tolerance, though I can’t imagine why anyone would feel the need to follow Saw 3D up with anything. I mean…d
saw Nick Venable 2013-11-05
Teacher Horrifies Sixth Graders By Showing Them Saw
math teacher Jean-Baptiste Clément is now in hot water after screening the gruesome and graphic horror movie Saw to a sixth grade class. What the hell does torture porn have to do with math, you might ask? Well, the grade school in the northwestern suburbs of Paris was in the midst of staff meetings and parent-teacher meetings that had run havoc on their scheduled classes.
saw Kristy Puchko 2013-06-12
The Saw Franchise May Be Making A Comeback
While I could totally see this happening, I wouldn't be surprised if Burns is just blowing smoke. CNBC is a business channel and what better way to try and make your stock price inflate then by suggesting that one of the studio's most successful franchises will return? By saying "some day" he totally takes the pressure off himself, as that could very well mean 600 years from now.
saw Eric Eisenberg 2011-12-07
Mia Kirshner, Erik Knudsen And J Larose Join Darren Lynn Bousman's The Barrens
Kirshner and Moyer plays Cynthia and Richard Marlow, a couple who takes their stepdaughter and young son on a camping trip in New Jersey’s famous Pine Barrens. But trouble ensues when Richard falls ill, and suddenly grows convinced that his family’s being hunted by the Pine Barren’s infamous “resident,” a beast known only as the Jersey Devil
saw Sean O'Connell 2011-09-23
Insidious Director James Wan Heading Back To The Haunted House Genre
Wan’s currently in “final negotiations,” according to Variety, to helm the haunted-house drama The Conjuring for New Line. Wan’s idea behind the story centers on the real-life account of the Perron family, a Rhode Island clan who claimed to live among the dead -- both evil and kindhearted spirits
saw Sean O'Connell 2011-06-23
Tim Griffin Talks The Return Of The Collector In The Collection
The man behind some of the sickest and most twisted death traps on the big screen is at it again. In the midst of writing the final four Saw films, Marcus Dunstan brought us another terrifying tale brimming with sinister snares, 2009’s The Collector. The Collector may not have reached Jigsaw status...
saw Perri Nemiroff 2011-04-17
Saw Director James Wan Signs Deal To Scare You Eight More Times
First up will be House of Horror, based on a story by Wan and written by Max La Bella. Javie Guitterez will direct the film, and while they're not giving any plot details
saw Katey Rich 2011-02-11
This Rotten Week: Predicting Saw 3D Reviews
If there is one movie category the Rotten Watch has struggled with, it's horror films. My success with predictions seems inversely proportional to the amount of blood, guts, shrieks, screams
saw Doug Norrie 2010-10-24
A Big Box Office Haul Could Keep The Saw Franchise Alive
We’ve seen “The Final Chapter” all over the posters and a trailer packed with text suggesting the conclusion like “The Last Chapter” and “Witness The Final Cut,” but
saw Perri Nemiroff 2010-10-09
Video Interview: Saw 3D's Costas Mandylor
What’s it like for Mandylor to have come so far? Is he sad to say goodbye to the family he’s become a part of on the set? Is Saw 3D really the last one? Mandylor tells all in our video interview.
saw Perri Nemiroff 2010-10-09
New Saw 3D Motion Poster Builds A Giant Jigsaw
They’re billing it as the last Saw movie ever, and while I’d like that to be true, we all know that if Saw 3D somehow makes a lot of money Jigsaw will find a way to rise
saw Josh Tyler 2010-09-29
Saw Director Darren Lynn Bousman Set For 11:11:11
With the Saw franchise in the hands of others now, and Repo touring the U.S. for midnight screenings, Bousman is looking to get another project going, and he has found it in numerological thriller 11:11:11
saw Will LeBlanc 2010-08-19
Saw 3D: New Teaser Trailer, New Release Date And More
The Saw 3D trailer has arrived and it certainly makes due on the film’s tagline; it’s eye-popping. Lionsgate is still working the 3D angle packing this quick clip with a whole bunch of metal stakes, saws
saw Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-22
Saw 3D Poster Takes The Saying Eye-Popping 3D Literally
Whether you’re into the Saw films or not, there’s no denying that the series has delivered some fantastic artwork from the very beginning. Yes, the imagery is partially pure gimmick
saw Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-21
Saw 3D SDCC Invite Artwork Will Have You Seeing Things
With San Diego Comic-Con just days away, the Saw 3D press event invites are out and they’re decorated with a creepy image and it’s guaranteed to make you teary eyed
saw Perri Nemiroff 2010-07-20
Saw Franchise Kicks The Bucket!
Crack the champagne, get out your noise makers, and hang the streamers, it’s time to celebrate the death of a beaten and broken franchise that is finally giving up. Jump for joy as we announce that the Saw series is hanging up its hat after seven long years
saw Will LeBlanc 2010-02-09
Saw Creators Team Up With Paranormal Producers For More Low-Budget Horror
No word on exactly what Insidious will be, other than that Wan is directing the script by Whannell. Wan told Variety the appeal of working with the producers was "their passion for genre films and having the creative control to make auteur-driven pictures"
saw Katey Rich 2010-02-05
Blendcast: Three Men And A Jigsaw Puzzle
Then I said what about…Blendcast on Thursday? She said I think I remember the greatness, and I said, well, that’s one thing we got. Brain’s in Dallas, Trevor’s in Chicago, Mack’s in Bloomington. We’ve got a stranglehold on the Heartland this week
saw Mack Rawden 2009-10-29
Saw VI Gets An X Rating
The NC-17 rating here in the States can either be a stamp of condemnation or a seal of indie-cred approval. More often than not though, it’s a burden on the shoulders of a filmmaker who must decide whether to cut a film down or keep his original film
saw Tim Gomez 2009-10-22
Saw VII And VIII Are Coming, And In 3-D
When the first Saw movie came out in 2004, it was a relatively new look at the serial killer movie with a nice twist ending that surprised audiences. Every year since then, however, audiences have been assaulted with an unrelenting barrage of blood and stupid
saw Eric Eisenberg 2009-10-15
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