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The Fear Monger: The Strangers 2 Is Finally Back On Track
Bryan Bertino’s 2008 home invasion thriller The Strangers was a successful debut for the director, and it seemed tailor-made for an immediate sequel. Though it hasn’t happened yet, despite several small starts, it looks like The Strangers 2 has found itself a new creative team.
sdcc2014 Nick Venable 2015-01-25
Judy Greer May Have A Bigger Role In Jurassic World Than Expected
The long-awaited next installment to Steven Spielberg's 1993 dino-epic Jurassic Park is almost here. Among its cast are Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and the always lovable Judy Greer, the lattermost who recently gave a bit more insight into her role in the film which may, as it turns out, be bigger than first let on.
sdcc2014 William Fanelli 2015-01-25
She’s Funny That Way Trailer: Jennifer Aniston's New Movie Looks Really, Really Bad
When a lot of talented people decide to come together on a project, the first instinctual thought is: it must be good! Why would they all sign on if they didn't each see something in the film? Unfortunately, that idea doesn't always come to its logical conclusion, and there are many titles out there that are far from being the sum of their parts.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-25
Forget Boyhood! We Might Have A New Best Picture Frontrunner
For the past few years, the Producers Guild Awards have had a tremendously strong influence on the Academy Awards. In fact, the last seven PGA winners have wound up going on to take home the Best Picture prize at the Oscars. As a result, it’s certainly notable that Alejandro G. Inarritu’s Birdman took home the award at this year’s ceremony – but it’s also interesting to note that the other two major winners weren’t even nominated by the Academy.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-25
Justice League Dark May Feature These 4 Superheroes
The folks at Warner Bros. have become extremely focused on developing their very own cinematic universe based on DC Comics properties - but while Justice League characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Flash have been the key focus, they're also not forgetting about the more monstrous side of the comic book world.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-25
Weekend Box Office: Sniper Takes Second Shot At Number One While Mortdecai and Magic Meltdown
American Sniper held strong to the number one spot, dropping less than 30% and adding $64 million and just crossing the $200 million mark. While directing is nothing new for Clint Eastwood, this is his most successful effort to date by box office standards. Sniper has already surpassed his previous highest grosser, Gran Torino's $148 million.
sdcc2014 Scott Gwin 2015-01-25
Knock Knock Trailer: Watch Keanu Reeves Debate Having A Threesome
Having a threesome is the classic male fantasy - but over the years pop culture has shown us the oh-so-many ways that it can wind up being a disaster. It seems that Eli Roth's new film Knock Knock is yet another example of one of these ways, but rather than being a drama about hurt feelings, it appears this one is a strange up horror show.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-25
Luke Evans Has Officially Left The Crow Reboot, Get The Details
Last month, rumors flew that Dracula Untold star, Luke Evans may be dropping out of The Crow reboot. Well, the film has yet another setback, as Evan’s publicist has confirmed that the actor has parted ways with the reboot to pursue other projects.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-01-25
Why Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Won't Reunite Rocket With This Character
When the first ever Guardians of the Galaxy trailer premiered last year and fans scrawled through it frame by frame looking for details, many learned an interesting factoid about Rocket Raccoon. Listed along with with Groot as a known associate was someone named Lylla, which some quick research would reveal to many as Rocket's soulmate.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-01-25
Why Dennis Rodman Is Upset With Seth Rogen And The Interview
Dennis Rodman doesn’t believe the U.S. government. That’s not such a surprising sentence, but in regards to the recent Sony hacking scandal, which was apparently caused by North Korea, Rodman thinks it’s completely bologna. And is unhappy with Seth Rogen and the film associated with it.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-01-25
Why Toby Stephens Really Wants To Be In A Marvel Movie
Toby Stephens may be more likely to don a pirate hat than to put on a full spandex body suit, due to his role as Captain Flint in Black Sails. But that didn't stop the actor from voicing his interest in suiting up as a Marvel superhero in a recent interview.
sdcc2014 William Fanelli 2015-01-25
Watch The Avengers Trailer Done In Zack Snyder's Watchmen Style
Avengers: Age of Ultron has probably prompted more remakes, mashups and spoofs than any other film in internet history. Now watch our superheroes in the style of Zack Snyder's Watchmen.
sdcc2014 William Fanelli 2015-01-24
What James Marsden Thinks About The New Cyclops Casting
Just a couple days ago the announcement was made. Tye Sheridan will be playing the young Cyclops in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. So what does his Cyclops predecessor, James Marsden have to say about the casting decision? Well, turns out Marsden is a huge fan of Sheridan.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-01-24
This Fast And Furious Star Wants To Play Green Lantern
Wondering who's going to play the Green Lantern in Zack Snyder's Justice League lineup? So's a particular Fast And Furious star who's thrown their hat in the ring.
sdcc2014 Mike Reyes 2015-01-24
3 Crazy Celebrity Stories From One Of America's Leading Interviewers
There’s an art to interviewing celebrities. When to push harder. When to let them retreat. When to let them ramble. When to interrupt. No one knows that better than Larry Grobel. Over the course of his career, he’s written for Playboy, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times and dozens of other publications, coaxing secrets out of some of the more famous men and women in the world.
sdcc2014 Mack Rawden 2015-01-24
Martin Scorsese Is Finally Making Silence, Get The Details
Martin Scorsese's long and winding road towards Silence is coming to an end, and we have the details on when the shooting will start.
sdcc2014 Mike Reyes 2015-01-24
Julia Roberts To Star In Batkid Begins, Get The Details
Remember that uplifting story about Miles Scott, who became the center of attention when the city of San Francisco helpd make his dream of becoming the superhero Batkid for a day come true? Well, one of Hollywood's finest, Julia Roberts, is now set to star in a feature remake of the documentary of his big day.
sdcc2014 William Fanelli 2015-01-24
This Mysterious Marvel Character Might Connect The Avengers To The Guardians Of The Galaxy
With the uber success of both Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers franchise, we’ve been left wondering if the two will ever join forces. There has been speculation, but nothing of substance to really wrap our heads around. Until now.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-01-24
Wait, Who Is Michael Shannon Playing In Batman V Superman?
We thought we’d seen the last of Michael Shannon in the DC Cinematic Universe after Zod was killed in Man of Steel, but now it’s being reported that he may have an important role to play in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.
sdcc2014 Adam Holmes 2015-01-23
Johnny Depp's 10 Greatest Roles, Ranked In Order
Johnny Depp never seemed interested in furthering his career. He only wanted the next interesting part, and few were more engrossing than these 10 roles. Skip Mortdecai this weekend and, in stead, curl up with a few of these amazing performances, the 10 best of Johnny Depp’s career.
sdcc2014 Sean O'Connell 2015-01-23
See Leonardo DiCaprio As A Badass Outdoorsman In Revenant First Look
New photos from the upcoming film, The Revenant have been released giving us our very first look at Leonardo DiCaprio as real life early-19th century American fur trapper, Hugh Glass, whose famous survival ordeal involved fighting a bear, makeshift medicine and an insane 200 mile trek through hostile elements.
sdcc2014 Joseph Baxter 2015-01-23
Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 Wants Maze Runner Starlet For Key Lead Role
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is making more headway on the casting front. Recent reports were showing five women in the running for a co-starring role in the next installment of the franchise, titled Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, but today it looks like they've made big steps forward with regards to narrowing that playing field.
sdcc2014 William Fanelli 2015-01-23
Patrick Stewart Has The Perfect Response To Reprising His Star Trek Role
Before Patrick Stewart got a Twitter account and taught the world how to really use social media, he was known around the world as Captain Jean-Luc Picard. He appeared in multiple Star Trek episodes and films and now he’s suggesting that he’d like to return for more.
sdcc2014 Gregory Wakeman 2015-01-23
Kung Fu Panda 3 Might Not Be Doomed, After All
Yes, folks. We’re still getting Kung Fu Panda 3. We haven’t heard much about the third installment of the DreamWorks Animation feature, which has been in the works since 2012. But it has recently made a move that both confirms it’s still on track for release in 2016 and will be made available to a larger international audience.
sdcc2014 Nick Romano 2015-01-23
James Gunn Confirms This Major Character Will Not Be Back For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will have many characters from the first movie returning for another round, but in one person's case, they'll be sitting out of the 2017 sequel.
sdcc2014 Adam Holmes 2015-01-23
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