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Conan The Barbarian Sequel Will Bring Back 4 Characters, Including Arnold's Hero
Arnold Schwarzenegger readies a return in Terminator Genisys in a little over a month. However, the aging Austrian ass-kicker has another old-school homecoming in the works with The Legend of Conan. According to a writer/producer working on the long-belated sequel, the film will actually feature as many as three returning characters from the original film!
sdcc2014 Joseph Baxter 2015-05-25
Hulk Hogan For The Expendables 4? Here's What He Said
Hulk Hogan candidly admits in this Q-and-A that his acting career “sucked,” and he takes credit for opening the door for fellow wrestlers to make names for themselves as box-office draws. I don’t know if a role in a fourth Expendables movie would juice Hogan’s career as a movie star. Ask Wesley Snipes what The Expendables 3 did for his stardom.
sdcc2014 Sean O'Connell 2015-05-25
Johnny Depp Brings Terror To The Neighborhood In Full Black Mass Trailer
It’s certainly been awhile since we’ve gotten a worthy Johnny Depp performance. And with his last film Mortdecai embarrassingly tanking, it’s about damn time the critically acclaimed actor step up his game. And what better way to do so then by playing a terrifyingly badass Boston gangster.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-05-25
Matt Damon Looks Terrified And Stranded In First The Martian Photos
After playing an astronaut stranded on a frozen planet in Interstellar, Matt Damon is heading back into space with the starring role in The Martian. And, once again, he plays an astronaut left to fend for himself on another planet.
sdcc2014 Nick Romano 2015-05-25
Magic Mike XXL Is Going To Be The Raciest Studio Movie In Decades
Joe Manganiello is returning as Big Dick Richie for Magic Mike XXL, along with his band of stripper buddies. And, if the words of a former True Blood stud are worth anything, we haven’t seen nuthin’ yet.
sdcc2014 Nick Romano 2015-05-25
How Gambit Will Be Different From The X-Men Movies
The X-Men movie series has typically stuck to the task of tackling immense threats to the world. While that’s all well and good for those team dynamic films, it’s starting to sound as if Channing Tatum wants to break that mold a bit with his upcoming solo shot in next year’s Gambit. Could we be seeing a different take on the origin film?
sdcc2014 Joseph Baxter 2015-05-25
Watch Spider-Man Knock Himself Unconscious At A Kid's Party
Knowing how this goes, he’ll make the rounds on a few late-night talk shows, maybe attempt to recapture his viral-video glory, and probably sleep with a bag of ice on the bridge of his nose for the next few weeks.
sdcc2014 Sean O'Connell 2015-05-25
Did Fantastic Four Bring In Another Director For Reshoots?
You probably heard the rumors about the tumultuous making-of process of Fantastic Four, but just how bad did things get? New rumors hit the airwaves recently suggesting that another director was brought in to handle the reshoots of the film, though Trank almost immediately denounced them.
sdcc2014 Nick Romano 2015-05-25
Crossbones May Not Have As Big A Role In Civil War As We Thought
There's still a lot we don't know about Captain America: Civil War. We know that Iron Man and First Avenger will be locked in a heated, politically driven battle, as Crossbones enters the fray to wreak some havok. However, might this famed Captain America baddie not play as integral a role as we thought?
sdcc2014 Nick Romano 2015-05-25
The Croods 2 Added Two Hilarious Actresses To Its Voice Cast
Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders' The Croods had a rather impressive voice cast full of stars - but the sequel is evidently going even bigger. How do we know? Because all of the lead cast members will be back, and this time around joined by Leslie Mann and Kat Dennings.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-24
This Rotten Week: Predicting San Andreas And Aloha Reviews
It’s time for another edition of This Rotten Week, as the summer blockbuster season rolls on – as does the season of counter-programming films. Going head to head this week is the giant earthquake of San Andreas versus the romantic comedy of Cameron Crowe’s Aloha.
sdcc2014 Doug Norrie 2015-05-24
Hateful Eight: What We Know So Far
Back in 2012, writer/director Quentin Tarantino once again brought his incredible skills back to the big screen with Django Unchained. Naturally, we’re only more excited for his next cinematic adventure, which will be coming soon in the form of the violent new post-Civil War drama The Hateful Eight.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-24
New DVD Releases: June 2015 In Home Entertainment
As the TV season is wrapping up, the studios are putting out a ton of TV-related releases  in June, it almost dwarfs all the big movies hitting Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.
sdcc2014 Jessica Rawden 2015-05-24
Ex Machina Star In Talks For The Female Lead In Bourne 5
Part of the legacy of the Bourne franchise has been the pairing of the lead hero with a capable and active female lead who helps the hero on his mission for the truth. If new reports are accurate, we may soon see it add yet another great name: Ex Machina's Alicia Vikander.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-24
Mad Max: Fury Road Blu-ray Will Have An Awesome Special Feature
The theatrical version of Mad Max: Fury Road is absolutely stunning. Each frame is an even more beautiful piece of art than the last. What might surprise you, however, is that this version isn't actually writer/director George Miller's favorite cut of the film.
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-24
The Walking Dead's Tyler James Williams Would Really Like To Play This Marvel Character
sdcc2014 Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-24
Is Emma Stone Interested In Playing Spider-Gwen?
With Marvel and Sony Pictures newly working together on Spider-Man, opportunity to give the story new and different iterations than previous films has arisen. And though Emma Stone is not sure of the reality of a female-centered Spider-Man movie, she could be interested.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-05-24
Ant-Man May Include Falcon And Other Avengers
With only a few months left till the highly anticipated Ant-Man arrives in theaters, we are slowly putting the pieces together in what to expect. Now, big players in the cast and crew have opened up on the film in an exposing interview. Specifically, director Peyton Reed has teased an appearance from Earth’s Mightiest including Anthony Mackie’s Falcon and other Avengers.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-05-24
Evangeline Lilly Calls New Ant-Man Script More American
Evangeline Lilly previously commented Ant-Man's changes of script and direction after Edgar Wright’s departure, but now she’s claimed that the main difference is that the new script is far more American.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-05-23
Mission: Impossible 6 May Already Be In Development
The fifth installment of Mission: Impossible hasn’t even hit theaters, but it looks like the next film in the series is already under way.
sdcc2014 Catarina Cowden 2015-05-23
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