Why Batman Movies Can Be Bold And Daring With The Character, According To Writer Scott Snyder
Filmmakers can take Batman in a ton of different directions, and comic book writer Scott Snyder seems to have a very compelling reason for why that's possible.
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Why Ben Affleck's Batman Movie Needs To Include Robin And The Bat Family
Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie is on the way, and while we certainly don't want the focus diverted from the big man himself, DC would be wise to include some, if not all, of the primary Bat-Family members. Here's why.
The Batman Solo Movie May Be Even Bigger Than We Thought, Here’s What We Know
Expectations are already high for the new Batman solo movie, and now the word is that the film is bigger than anyone was guessing.
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What Ryan Potter Might Look Like As Robin In A Batman Movie
With all of the attention surrounding Ryan Potter's audition reel to play Tim Drake, it was only a matter of time until someone mocked up an image of what he'd look like in the Robin suit. And an enterprising artist has done just that, with the results pretty much speaking for themselves.
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6 Things Batman's Suit Better Be Able to Do in Justice League
Along with wearing his classic costume again, Ben Affleck's Batman will be rocking a new tactical Batsuit in Justice League. Here are the things we hope it will be able to do.
Batman's New Batsuit For Justice League Looks Incredible, See It Now
Earlier this year, when we got to visit the set of Zack Snyder's Justice League, we reported that there would be at least two Batsuits being used by Bruce Wayne.
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DC And Marvel: 10 Times An Actor Switched Sides
Now that the superhero movie genre is at the height of its popularity, it's becoming more common for actors who previously worked on a Marvel movie to jump onto the DC train, and vice-versa. Here are 10 of the most high profile actors who have done that.
One Young Actor Is Campaigning Hard To Play Robin In Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie, Watch His Ass Kicking Audition
Where there's Batman, Robin probably isn't far behind. Check out this video of a young actor showing off his skills in order to play Robin in the DCEU.
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Ben Affleck's Live By Night Trailer Delivers Plenty Of Cool Gangster Action
Following up on the award-winning 2012 movie Argo, Ben Affleck's next directorial project is Live by Night, and the gangster flick has finally released its first trailer.
Why Deathstroke Is A Perfect Villain For The Batman Solo Movie
Check out the reasons why we think Deathstroke is the perfect villain to headline Ben Affleck's first solo Batman movie.
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J.K. Simmons Has Wrapped On Justice League, Here's What He Said About Filming
JK Simmons is a busy man, though at the moment he's one commitment light, thanks to wrapping on Zack Snyder's Justice League. Read on to see what Simmons had to say about the process.
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6 DC Villains Deathstroke Could Be Working For In The Batman Movie
Although it looks like Deathstroke will be the Batman movie's main villain, it's important to remember that Slade Wilson is a mercenary, meaning he's likely being paid to attack the Caped Crusader. So who has hired him? We have some candidates in mind...
8 Batman Stories That Deserve Animated Films
Check out the eight Batman stories that we think DC should strongly consider adapting into brand new animated features.
8 Huge DC Universe Secrets That May Have Been Accidentally Leaked
It goes without saying that, for now, all of these are rumors that may or may not come true -- and they are LOADED with spoilers for upcoming DCEU properties.
Here’s What Joe Manganiello Would Look Like As Deathstroke
This drawing of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke will instantly make you hope that he's cast as the villain in Ben Affleck's solo Batman film.
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8 Things You Should Know About Deathstroke Before The Batman Solo Movie
Thanks to Ben Affleck, we now know that we will soon be seeing yet another amazing comic book character hit the big screen in the next few years.
The One Deathstroke Moment We Need to See In A DC Movie
There's one thing we definitively want to see from Slade Wilson when he finally arrives on the silver screen, possibly when Justice League hits theaters.
Who Batman Likely Will Fight As The Main Villain Of His Solo DC Movie
It looks like we finally know who the Caped Crusader will face off against when Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie hits theaters.
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Ben Affleck Just Teased A Major DC Character Appearance, See The Video Now
Mondays, right? Some days, you need that jolt of caffeine to get you moving. Other Mondays, Ben Affleck does you a solid by dropping a tease on social media, setting the Internet on fire and starting a speculation thread that's sure to run as long as the Great Wall of China.
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Ben Affleck Has Found His Next Movie, But It Isn’t A Solo Batman Story
Ben Affleck is closing in on his next movie, and unlike Batman it centers on someone who works within the confines of the law.
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