One Justice League Cast Member Expects To Be Back For Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie
It seems that one member of the Justice League ensemble definitely expects to show up in the solo Batman movie. Get the details!
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Joe Manganiello Thinks The Batman Solo Movie's About To Film, But Has Anyone Told Ben Affleck?
Someone call Ben Affleck, because Joe Manganiello claims that the solo Batman movie is going to start filming very, very soon.
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Anna Kendrick Should Play Robin In The DCEU, On One Important Condition
We think Anna Kendrick could totally work as Robin, as long as the solo Batman movie uses her and her character in a very specific way.
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Why The Accountant Deserves A Sequel
Check out our reasons why we think The Accountant definitely deserves a follow-up movie in the very near future.
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Justice League Has Wrapped, Here’s How Ben Affleck And Jason Momoa Celebrated
Justice League has wrapped filming and now's the time to celebrate! Hit the jump to find out what antics Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa get into.
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The Accountant Is Outperforming One Of Ben Affleck’s Most Successful Movies At The Box Office
The Accountant is already outpacing another Ben Affleck flick at the box office. But its middling reviews may get in the way of its final gross.
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Ben Affleck's 10 Best Movies, Ranked
Ben Affleck has, without question, become one of our greatest modern actors. However, even more importantly, he's found himself in some great films.
Watch Anna Kendrick Audition To Play Ben Affleck’s Robin In An Awkward Batman Skit
The DCEU is expanding every day it seems and so they will need more and more actors to take on the increased number of roles. Anna Kendrick has her eyes on becoming Batman's sidekick, but it seems such a thing would be quite awkward.
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The Accountant Director Tells Us His One Major Concern About Casting Ben Affleck
On the set of a film, the director is king. He or she is the one who ultimately calls all the shots and makes all the decisions, and while different filmmakers allow different amounts of opinion on their sets, the final call in basically every situation is there.
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Ben Affleck Backtracks On Solo Batman Movie’s Title
It seems that Ben Affleck has had to clarify some recent comments he made about the upcoming Batman solo movie. Get the details!
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Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Is Better Than Michael Keaton’s, According To Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith has seen quite a few Batmen over the years, and while Michael Keaton's Batman may have kicked off the near-consistent release of movies starring the Dark Knight, the director now believes that Ben Affleck's Batman reigns supreme over Keaton's. Here's why.
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Why Ben Affleck Chose Deathstroke As His Batman Villain
Ben Affleck recently opened up and explained why he chose Deathstroke as the primary antagonist for The Batman. Here's what he had to say.
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What Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Movie Is Currently Titled
While DC's movie universe is working on introducing new characters who have neer been on the screen before, like the Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman, most fans are still more interested in the old favorites, like Batman.
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What Ben Affleck Thought Of Batman V Superman's Bad Reviews
Like it or not, Ben Affleck is going to be closely associated with The Batman for the better part of the next five years.
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Why Matt Damon Is Making Fun Of Ben Affleck’s Batman
The news of Affleck's involvement in the DCEU was loathed by many, although his actual performance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was widely considered the best part of Zack Snyder's movie. But one naysayer hasn't quit: his old buddy Matt Damon.
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Ben Affleck Reveals Details On Batman’s New Suit In Justice League
A brand new Batsuit made headlines when Zack Snyder shared an image from the set of Justice League, and fans went gaga. But what can we expect from Batman's tactical suit?
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How Ben Affleck Could Change A Classic Batman Story With Deathstroke
Based upon everything that we know about the solo Batman movie, it seems that Ben Affleck will use Slade Wilson to modify an iconic storyline.
Joe Manganiello Dropped Some Huge Clues About Deathstroke And The Batman Movie
Joe Mananiello just posted a photo of his Deathstroke research materials to Twitter, and there's a ton of awesome hidden details just waiting to be explored. Check it out!
8 Supporting Characters We Want To See In Ben Affleck's Batman Movie
It can't all be superheroes and supervillains. We've compiled a list of eight supporting Batman characters that need to appear in Ben Affleck's upcoming solo movie.
Watch Ben Affleck And Christian Bale’s Batmen Clash In Cool Mash Up Trailer
Who would win in a fight between Christian Bale's Batman and Ben Affleck's Batman? A fan trailer goes a long way to finally answering this question.
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