A respected musician is in the world’s most ridiculous feud with none other than Justin Bieber. Patrick Carney of Black Keys fame recently changed his Twitter profile name to “Justin Bieber” for a brief stint, and since the man’s famous, he of course still had a checkmark to go along with the title. Regardless, his handle was still @PatrickCarney, so theoretically, the man shouldn’t have been confusing anyone. Even if the Black Keys drummer was not managing to confuse, he was certainly drawing the ire of many a Bieber fan.

In fact, the man retweeted so many Bieber fans that were pissed at him for continuing the strange feud that you really should just take a look for yourself. He’s now returned to his own name on the social networking service, although he is stating he “will try again soon though!”

The feud began after 32-year-old Carney insulted the Biebs after this year's Grammys, stating the “Boyfriend” singer has more money than talent.
"Grammys are for like music, not for money...and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Whether or not you think Bieber is a good singer, that’s a pretty undercutting and unnecessary comment, and of course 18-year-old Bieber responded in kind, tweeting that the Black Keys musician “should be slapped around.” Honestly, both of these responses are pretty bitchy, but to be fair, both dudes got in a nice insult and that should have been that.

Carney’s recent little prank certainly hasn’t hurt anyone, but it just seems like wasted effort for a fully grown adult male to stretch out the hurt feelings and gossipy insults that are not even causing harm to the teenaged Bieber at this point, but are causing anxiety to his (frequently) youth-aged fans. Hopefully, he’s currently pouring as much energy into some music as he seems to be putting into annoying some Beliebers. With a little luck, this is the last we’ll hear of this nonsense.



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