The reasons behind Jason Trawick and Britney Spears’ break-up are starting to emerge, and they’re all related to the big picture. Apparently, the pop star was very excited about the prospect of having more children, while her fiancé was more comfortable sticking with Sean and Jayden. That, coupled with his desire to expand his business and take on new clients, was enough to create cracks in the relationship.

According to TMZ, Trawick has spent the past several years overseeing and expanding his fiancee’s business, and in some ways, that Brit Brit overload lessened his individuality. Consequently, he started taking on some new clients and working a bit outside Spears’ career. That didn’t sit well, and the couple reportedly had plenty of fights about it.

On the scale of reasons to break-up before a wedding, these two are far better than most. Way too many people ignore the big issues in their relationships prior to the wedding and wind up getting divorced down the road. It’s nice to see these two were sensible about things and put it all on the table. Just because two people get along really well doesn’t necessarily mean they should be together. The best partners both love hanging out and are heading in the same direction.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to Trawick and Spears during this difficult time. They clearly cared for each other quite a bit, but if these reasons are to be believed, they definitely made the right call by breaking up.



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