Britney Spears Won't Incorporate Her Kids Into Vegas Show

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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If youíre heading to Las Vegas for a spell sometime over the next two years, thereís a good chance you might be able to see Britney Spears perform. Thereís a far less chance, however, that youíll be able to see either of her sons perform. A rep for the musician and soon-to-be Vegas regular released a statement saying despite earlier reports, the kids will not appear alongside mommy on stage.

The whispers about potential Jayden and Sean Preston appearances began following an interview Britney gave announcing her upcoming Planet Hollywood show. During the chat, she said ďPreston will probably be on stage.Ē The following day, TMZ caught up with Brit Britís ex-husband Kevin Federline, and he wasnít exactly pumped about the idea. If the pop starís rep is to be believed, however, she was just joking and this was never a serious consideration, though given her history, thatís debatable.

In the past, Spears has brought her kids on stage, particularly during her Circus Tour in 2009. She even feuded with K-Fed about the decision, but he eventually agreed to at least let them tour with her, provided they were well cared for and safety measures were in place.

Growing up as the son or daughter of a celebrity offers a different playing field. In theory, it might seem like horrible policy to expose a kid to the public on stage that early, but in a way, thatís actually their life. Jayden and Sean Preston arenít weirded out by watching their mother on stage because thatís all theyíve ever known. So, while Iím not opposed to them occasionally running out and waving at the crowd, I agree with K-Fed that they shouldnít be a regular part of the show. Fortunately, it doesnít seem as if thatís going to happen.

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