In case you were concerned about an impending battle of the blondes in the country world, we can now at least confirm that if there is a feud, it’s very one-sided. Rumors have abounded recently that Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift don’t get along at all, but on Monday, Underwood completely refuted those whispers.

Underwood joined CBS This Morning to talk about her epic Grammy dress, which involved some silky material and a projector cycling through stunning images. Of course, last night’s Grammy Awards also offered a killer performance from none other than Ms. Swift, so it was pretty easy to jump from one topic to another. According to the NY Daily News, she has no beef with the younger singer, noting there is no feud between the two women that she “know[s] of at least.”

Which could mean the feelings of dislike are one-sided. In fact, this is probably the case, since Swift has shown a tendency to be overly emotional in the past and hating on one of her competition doesn’t seem particularly out of the ordinary. Besides, the feud rumors only came about after Swift was rumored to complain about Underwood’s rudeness. Now that Underwood’s sweet dress and accomplished performance crushed Swift’s opening number, I can only imagine the 22-year-old country singer will be more annoyed. So, while the feud may still be on, at least we know one blonde bombshell won’t be fueling the fire.

We'll keep you updated if these two ever reach the hair-pulling point.



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