Celebrate 50 Years Of The Rolling Stones With 3 Classic Songs

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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50 years ago, the Rolliní Stones descended on Londonís Marquee Club. Within a few years, they were steadily gaining steam in Europe, and within a decade, they were arguably the biggest band in the world. Decades after their initial get-together, the Rolling Stones are still going strong and rehearsing for a brand new world tour. To celebrate, the guys have been swapping stories, giving interviews and going to an exhibit featuring photographs from their entire career.

Sadly, one man who canít partake in the celebrations is Brian Jones. The guitarist drowned all the way back in 1969 in a tragic accident Keith Richards told the BBC was the biggest regret of his life. The guys kicked him out just a month before his death thanks to his various addictions, but he was talented and brilliant in his own right. Weíll never know how much more the Rolling Stones could have accomplished with a healthy and sober Jones, but regardless, itís still worth thinking of him on this special day.

As a tribute to what some would say is the greatest Rock n Roll band of all-time, Iíve chosen three of my personal favorite tracks to embed below. Itís a testament to the long-term excellence of the group that most of you will likely vehemently disagree with my choices, but luckily, you can head on over to YouTube if I missed the one youíd like to hear.

Happy 50th, guys. We still love youÖ

Paint It Black

Get Off My Cloud

Canít You Hear Me Knocking?

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