The rumors about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s on-again-off-again relationship may have largely died down over the past few months, but interest in any alleged stories of the singer’s misbehavior certainly haven’t. If there’s even a sniff of potential shenanigans involving the pop star, the story always explodes like a political scandal, and this brouhaha is extremely great evidence of that.

Over the weekend, police were called to popular nightclub Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California after a woman called to say she’d been assaulted. According to TMZ, the woman in question was Deanna Gines, and she reportedly told police she was hanging out in the VIP section of the nightclub when she and Brown go into some kind of confrontation. If her story is to be believed, Brown violently threw her on the ground in such a vicious fashion that she tore ligaments in her right knee. A visit to a local doctor supposedly verified all the knee problems and raised the possibility that she may have to have surgery.

The event sounds extremely traumatic, but at this point, there’s not really any evidence that it actually happened or that it involved Brown. No witnesses have come forward, and no security footage has emerged. Luckily, if the supposed confrontation really did go down in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge, there should be more than a few people who can step up and attest to it. Besides, with Brown’s not exactly spotless history, there’s no way the aforementioned people wouldn’t be willing to come forward and speak up if they really saw something.

You can check out a screenshot of Gines’ Explore Talent profile below…

Not a whole lot about Gines is known publically at this point, but according to the above profile that’s been making the rounds, she’s a twenty-five-year-old aspiring actress and model. For reasons that are pretty obvious, the general public tends to have a mistrust of aspiring actresses and models, but to be perfectly frank, an extremely high percentage of the women inside VIP sections at nightclubs in Southern California could be referred to using that description. Consequently, that’s really not as much of a red flag as it might seem.

As for Brown, he vaguely addressed the situation earlier today on Twitter with the following Tweet…

We’ll keep you updated on this developing case as more information becomes public. Until then, try to withhold judgment until more actual facts emerge.



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