Did Britney Spears Really Shave Her Head For A Drug Test?

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Sam Lufti and his attorneys put more wild allegations on the public record today in the defamation/ breach of contract trial. Britney Spearsí supposed manager during the time of her infamous meltdown testified that the pop starís much discussed decision to shave her head was made out of fear the individual strands would show evidence of drug use, which was unacceptable given her custody issues.

According to E! Online, attorneys for the Spears family neither confirmed nor denied the head shaving allegation. Both parties have openly admitted the pop star was using drugs and making poor decisions at the time she was hanging out with Lufti. The only disagreement is whether the supposed manager was pushing her toward sobriety or making it easier for her to score drugs.

Given some of the other claims Lufti has made, most notably that Brit Brit agreed to pay him 15% of her income, itís tempting to treat everything he says with a raised eyebrow, but when it comes to the head-shaving incident, he might actually know better than anyone else. He was the one who was there, and even if heís decided to try and ruin Britneyís reputation now, that doesnít necessarily mean heís lying.

What do you think? Did Britney actually shave her head because she was worried about potentially being drug tested? Or did she shave her head, as we thought all along, because she was in the middle of a mental breakdown and not thinking straight? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Do You Buy Lufti's Drug Test Story?


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