Don’t expect Selena Gomez to waste months or even weeks crying over ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. The twenty-year-old has spent the days since her break-up reconnecting with old friends and enjoying her new found freedom. Earlier this week, she even had dinner at the lovely SoHo House in Los Angeles along with those closest to her to celebrate appearing on the upcoming cover of Nylon.

During the event, Gomez told a reporter from E! that she feels a “bit more sassy” and is a bit more “mouthy” since she and her longtime partner decided to take their lives in different directions. She’s a huge star in her own right, but given the gigantic shadow the Biebs cast, it’s not surprising she might be feeling a little more individualistic and liberated these days.

As for her more long-term plans, Gomez’s newest film Spring Breakers will be released later this year, and she’s already recorded sixteen new songs for an album smack dab in the middle of the execution stage. She hasn’t admitted one way or another whether any of the songs will touch on the Bieber situation, but since she has said she’ll express her feelings, there’s a good chance there will at least some veiled references.

Given her age, Gomez has plenty of time to find whoever it is she’s meant to be with. Hopefully, in the coming years, she’ll be able to do exactly that while balancing her ever-blossoming career.



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