Just days after Charlie Sheen publically blasted her for not sending a thank you card, Lindsay Lohan decided to recognize the actor’s one hundred thousand dollar check with a clear show of gratitude. A few days ago, she reportedly went to the store, purchased some flowers and mailed them off to Sheen’s house along with a note about how thankful she was for his display of kindness.

According to TMZ, Lohan told friends she wasn’t trying to be ungrateful but didn’t take care of the thank you situation for two primary reasons. First, her phone broke, she got a new one and Charlie’s number didn’t transfer over. Second, the government swooping in and seizing her bank accounts has completely turned her life upside down, and she’s been using all of her available time to tackle that situation.

Obviously, that first excuse is horrible. In Hollywood, anyone famous can get anyone else’s number if they work hard enough. It’s not like Sheen was some random dude she met at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere. Her people definitely know people who know his people. The second excuse about her life being turned upside down, however, holds a little more water. Clearly, she’s in the midst of a stressful ordeal. It makes sense that thank you cards wouldn’t be the first thing on her mind. Not sending a card is still terrible form, but you can kinda sorta see why she might have screwed up.

It’s unclear whether Charlie is pleased with the belated thank you, but since something is better than nothing, it’s likely he’ll take what he can get and move on. Plus, he’s got his own personal life messes to deal with now. There’s really no point in making this an issue.



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